Mother’s Day Tea Party – Look for the Tea Cup Today!



Happy Mother’s Day! Ms. Birdy would just love a visit and cup of tea with you today, May 12, 2019.

Log into your Webkinz account and look for the floating tea cup today. Click on it have a beautiful floral tea cup added to your Dock.

Deluxe Webkinz members can collect up to six Floral Tea Cups, full members can collect up to four, and free members can collect two of these sweet tea cups.

Ms. Birdy is waiting to have tea with you today!

61 Responses to Mother’s Day Tea Party – Look for the Tea Cup Today!

  1. uc0nn1 says:

    I did not have time to log in on Sunday until very late in the day since it was Mother’s Day and my son’s Graduation day. Then, not relizing the teacups were not floating on the mobile app I logged into my account there instead of on the website. So, I missed out. If anyone has an extra my user name is uc0nnc. Thank you.

  2. AuroraRose24 says:

    I have two accounts and I was on them both for a long period on Sunday. Sadly, I only found one teacup. I would like to ask for Webkinz to be more generous with the floaty click things in the future! I never got even close to getting the pet coins needed for that recent event either! :(

  3. zootzoot says:

    Took forever for the ONE I got to appear.

  4. Powerann says:

    I got all my six in just over half an hour without issues or problems. Sorry to hear that wasn’t the case for everyone. They’re really cute and dainty – Thank you, Ganz!

  5. mistermittens says:

    I looked on webkinz and webkinz newz and no teacups anywhere. I think their programming was messed up.

  6. NanaZaza says:

    Ended up getting 3 teacups later in the evening. Thank you, Ms. Birdy!

  7. Davids1lilpixie says:

    I love finding the clicky floaties but in imho, clicky floaties are also glitched. :(


    I didn’t get one tea cup float on my account. I’m having tons of problems, tried buying coins with 50% off sale it signs me out and won’t let me purchase same with 50% off purchasing coins I get logged out every time i try to purchase with discount.

  9. dblyg2u says:

    Dear Webkinz team, May 12th was a day to honor, enjoy and spend quality time with our mom’s and grandma’s (and other special ladies in our lives). The teacups were so slow to come floating by; add to that the bake sale floating event; the tea cup count contest; the troubles trophy event … it was all way too much – with too many deadlines, all at once, on a special holiday.

  10. mdlm1953 says:

    I clicked on one at the stroke of midnight, so it wasn’t awarded.

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