Movie Showcase – A Walk Down Memory Lane ~ 15 Amazing Years of Webkinz!

Check out this retrospective by LovelyKittyKinz!


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27 Responses to Movie Showcase – A Walk Down Memory Lane ~ 15 Amazing Years of Webkinz!

  1. ham7 says:

    I started playing in June 2006 (that makes 14 years)! I got my first Webkinz on my 7th birthday. He’s a chihuahua named Zippy.

  2. Sky_Cravens says:

    I started playing when i was like eight or nine in like 2008 and have had my first account since then and have made more accounts for when i get over 100, I hope to see it go on forever!!! when i get a job i want to buy a membership!!!! I’ve always loved how happy and safe i feel playing webkinz and enjoying all the cute fuzzy stuffies and the ones just online!!!! I hope they keep developing and making the app more social and such!!! :) I don’t think i’ll ever not like webkinz :) it’s a fun game to just relax and play!!!!

  3. nitza says:

    Been playing for 10 years. Love the retro pics! Brings back memories.

  4. Rubye777 says:

    It will have been 6 years in December since I created my account.

  5. gml1939 says:

    My granddaughter won her first Webkinz, the pig, in a game on the Boardwalk in NJ in Summer 2007. The following Aug 2008 when they came to visit me, they brought me a pig also. Several grandkids and friends joined in for a few years. I now take care of all those accts plus the several I have started myself. I am the only one who did not outgrow Webkinz. To this day I get on Webkinz every day barring the unforeseen. I love the changes over the years – the gardening, the amazing walls and floors, and much more. But I hated to see Dr. Quack and the Chef go. I appreciate the Ganz/Webkinz team and all they do to keep our game going. I hope it never goes away!!

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