Movie Showcase – A Walk Down Memory Lane ~ 15 Amazing Years of Webkinz!

Check out this retrospective by LovelyKittyKinz!


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27 Responses to Movie Showcase – A Walk Down Memory Lane ~ 15 Amazing Years of Webkinz!

  1. KarenaJ says:

    Loved the video and reading everyone’s comments.

  2. orangewing2020 says:

    That was amazing! I love these walks done memory lane! I honestly have no idea what Webkinz World was like in the first two years because I got my first pet in 2007 as well. A lot of us have grown up alongside Webkinz World and it’s just crazy how fast the time flew by. Well done LovelyKittyKinz, and well done ยง for creating memories to last a lifetime :)

  3. fancyduck58 says:

    Thank you for the wonderful video, LovelyKittyKinz! I started playing in 2007, my nephews got me into it. It’s hard to believe it’s been so many years! I used to love going to the local Hallmark store to see which plushies they had in stock, I still have a number of them that I need to adopt. Webkinz is such a fun world, and it got me through a number of tough times over the years- my pets are always happy to see me and there are always so many fun activities to do. Thank you, Ganz, for adding so many new features, contests, events, prizes, etc. Here’s to many more years of Webkinz fun to come!!! :)

  4. tigeranne815 says:

    I’m not sure when I started..must have been around 2008? I went away for awhile and came back about 8 months ago. Now I’m deluxe!

  5. megamom12 says:

    What a lovely video! I didn’t get involved with Webkinz until 2008, and as a busy mom/grandma at the time didn’t get to play very often. As an older mom/grandma I now have more time to check out new events and also would very much love for GANZ Webkinz to once again be the presence that it used to be. I remember looking for a particular pet (the Whimsy Dragon) and a friend called me and told me that she had just found one at a store that she was at! I’m not sure if they still have them, but a local western goods store had some of the horses for a while. It has been fun to grow along with the website and I’m proud of how the tech team has stayed ahead of the changes as we have gone along and even made fun events to enjoy along with those changes.

  6. Morninglight says:

    Playing Webkinz for 14 years My family and I play together we have over 18 accounts we call it a Family Affair We Love the Webkinz’s Family Thank you for all the fun things

  7. Magarrinee says:

    I have been playing since 2007 when I was three! I love webkinz so much! this place always makes me so happy! Thank you for 15 awesome years!

  8. bertnelson says:

    It was fun to see screen shots of old Webkinz pages. My sister was a nanny and that’s how she was introduced to Webkinz. She loved it, got herself an account, and then gave me a pet and got me started. I think this was in 2008. How time has flown!

  9. RollingInStuffies says:

    Our family first adopted 2 cheeky monkeys, 1 monkey and a gorilla in early 2007. We all played for many years and my 3 children had a wonderful time naming their pets. Of course now they get a laugh out of most of the names they chose when they were little. My middle child did colours like Pinky for a pink poodle or my other child liked repeaters like Blue-blue for a Lil’ Hippo, or cheep-cheep, etc. They were only 7 and 5 at the time. We went on to other games on the computer and social media games, but eventually I got tired of the stress of those and quit FB, then I decided to check out Webkinz and see how all of our pets were doing. Webkinz changed in the time I was away, but it didn’t take long to get the hang of it and now I’m enjoying every minute of it. I take care of all my sons’ houses and pets as well. I do it to relax for a few hours a day. You have done a wonderful job and I hope you keep Webkinz going for many generations since my family still has quite a few (a lot) of Webkinz to adopt. Our family has a combination of approximately 800-900 plush Webkinz. It’s crazy I know!! How it happened? So many years x4 = a lot of Webkinz. Don’t get me to count the beanie babies! LOL Thank you and stay safe.

  10. FaMJackson1 says:

    My sister and I have been playing together for 10 years

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