New Prizes on Webkinz Mobile!


Spin the Wheel of Wow on Webkinz Mobile between February 11th and March 3rd for the  chance to win Valentine’s Day themed prizes for your pets!


Available Feb 11th – March 3rd:



Download the Webkinz Mobile app to shop, decorate your pet’s rooms, play games, dress and feed your pets on the go! Also, check out the Mobile Zone section of the W-Shop on Webkinz Mobile for items that you won’t find anywhere else!


The Webkinz Mobile Pet app is now available for FREE on iTunes* … and on the Google Play Store**


103 Responses to New Prizes on Webkinz Mobile!

  1. Joy3111 says:

    I think the prizes are cool! It would be great if somebody would send me the rosy vintage dress! My user here is my user in Webkinz, and if somebody would the red boutique things are cool and would be great as well!

  2. powerpokmon2 says:

    Okay this is frustrating. I have three accounts and spinning the wheel everyday. I must have gotten every prize EXCEPT the Rosy Vintage Dress! Lucky I have one already otherwise I would be really mad. It’s jsut so pretty that I want another one.


    The dress is very pretty but i got the mobile app and i keep on getting the candy

  4. silkyhorses says:

    my name is silkyhorses and i can’t recieve anyhting from the app, so will some one be so kind and send me theses things plus any new things. i have an ipod 4 touch… one generation away from the webkinz app. That is not fair.>:(

  5. tewacky says:

    If you friend me I might be able to send you mobile stuff if you tell me what you want my username is tewacky

  6. Erin0527 says:

    i just won the cinnamon hearts.

  7. tinygma says:

    MOBILE only giving me coins and food no clothing in several days :( :( sad

  8. that_bethiegirl2015 says:

    oh my gosh that rosy vintage gown is so fantabulous!!! its so pretty is there anyone who would be willing to send me one? my webkinz username is beva4! thankyou sooo much!!! XD

  9. DrifterTEN says:

    Can someone please send me the vintage dress? please?

  10. Lydia19of13 says:

    i LOVE the dress!!!!!!!!

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