New Prizes on Webkinz Mobile!


Spin the Wheel of Wow on Webkinz Mobile between February 11th and March 3rd for the  chance to win Valentine’s Day themed prizes for your pets!


Available Feb 11th – March 3rd:



Download the Webkinz Mobile app to shop, decorate your pet’s rooms, play games, dress and feed your pets on the go! Also, check out the Mobile Zone section of the W-Shop on Webkinz Mobile for items that you won’t find anywhere else!


The Webkinz Mobile Pet app is now available for FREE on iTunes* … and on the Google Play Store**


103 Responses to New Prizes on Webkinz Mobile!

  1. Joy3111 says:

    I guess that didn’t go through? Oh well. God bless!

  2. Joy3111 says:

    mimistask, isn’t that more for a trading forum? And have a nice day everybody! Still love that dress. God bless.

  3. bee225 says:

    who has the dress for trade?? i really want it. like so badly :/

  4. shancy02 says:

    I”m not shancy02 just on her sign in. I”m mimistask and I hate trading. Traders seem to have everything and if you are too slow when looking for items to trade they give up and leave. I love trading but don’t like impatient people. I just got the heart jeans yesterday. got the dress last week. Both are very cute. Got 2 pair of heart shoes and 2 pair of rainbow boots from the mayor.

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