New SPREE Prizes Arriving Soon!


We are adding 5 new prizes to the SPREE mall on July 2! Save up your mall credits… you’ll want to use them to trade for 3 new homes you can add to the border of your yard, a new pet buddy and a designer purse that your pet can wear.


We had originally announced that we were going to release a second pet buddy, however due to a design update, it will be released at a future date.



When was the last time you made it to the mall during a game of SPREE? You still have time to pick up the Gold Leaf Coffee Table and Electric Keyboard before they are removed on July 2, to make room for the new items:



Play SPREE at the Webkinz Arcade and use the credits you collect to trade for prizes when you make it to the mall!


Do you like the new prizes? Let us know in the comment section below.


73 Responses to New SPREE Prizes Arriving Soon!

  1. grandpascutie says:

    It’s sad!! They are removing the keyboard and it was never fixed!! It was supposed to play music. I guess it is easier to get rid of something than to fix it!!

  2. 52Sammie says:

    I sure wish they would add some new rewards on Ganzworld!

  3. kaye10 says:

    aww i am excited for all of them (now that i understand the cloud — thanks beckinz8) ;) ALSO, have a question for the staff: will the bags also have new prizes? thanks, best, k.

    • Beckinz8 says:

      You are welcome @kaye10! I have often wished for a hovering little black rain cloud, and now it’s finally (almost) here! They changed the bag prizes in June 2018, (I didn’t realize it had been that long!) so I don’t know what their time-frame looks like for another update.

  4. baily2288 says:

    Is the dog face suppose to be new smileys?

  5. Animalgirl4eva_ says:

    I don’t think I’ll be able to get to the mall in time to get the electric keyboard…(I’m a new player and haven’t gotten to the mall yet)… I really like it. :(

    • Beckinz8 says:

      It used to play music while your pet sat on the little stool, and it was pretty cool, but once it stopped playing music, sadly it seemed more like a pointless waste of space. (2×2) I removed mine from the room, and now it is swimming around in my inventory somewhere. I keep it for sentimental reasons, hoping that someday a WW tech wizard will remember how cool it used to be and decide that it is finally time to reclaim it from the trash heap and restore it to it’s former glory. If I had the credits, I would pick one up for you so you can stare at it wistfully too. You could always try the Trading Forums here on WKN (under the ‘Forums’ tab at the top of this page). There are lots of generous long-time players on there who might have one to give or trade. Best of luck, and a huge welcome to the WW family!!

    • PEBBLES1973 says:

      @Animalgirl4eva_. I have a few of the keyboards. i will send you one. just add me. My username is NITA007 The 0′s in my username are zeroes. nothing needed in return.

  6. anon55 says:

    Not a fan of any of those. Sorry.

  7. ArcanineEspeon says:

    Sorry, I forgot to include some of my comment! Sorry if it’s confusing — I’m commenting about my issues with the Super Wheel on several recent pages to make sure someone sees it.

  8. bubbashuka says:

    Awesome, awesome, awesome! Thank you!

  9. Beckinz8 says:

    Now I can’t get Winnie the Pooh’s “Little Black Rain Cloud” out of my head. LOL!

  10. VenusJones says:

    I too hope the cloud buddy changes to sunny buddy once in awhile

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