NEW Webkinz Room Design Contest!


We want to see your rooms in the NEW Webkinz! Between February 8 and 28, submit your favorite room from your pet’s home in the new Webkinz for a chance to have your room featured and win a prize in the new Webkinz AND in Webkinz Classic! That means one room equals two prizes for one lucky winner a day!

Each day we will select one winner. Winners will receive 20 Diamonds on their new Webkinz account, plus a 3-pack of 2018 Winterfest Cookies on their Webkinz Classic account! Winners will also have their room design showcased right here on Webkinz Newz, as well as on our Webkinz social media platforms!


Remember, the rooms MUST be from the new Webkinz. Rooms must be saved as a jpg or gif. There is a limit of one entry per GanzWorld account.


Visit the Showcase to see the daily winner every morning from Monday to Friday AFTER 10am. Weekend winners will be posted on Monday mornings.


Enter here.


Good luck!

23 Responses to NEW Webkinz Room Design Contest!

  1. Destroyerx654x says:

    I tried to enter with a photo from the webkinz photo thing. It didn’t let me because it said that the image was too large. Webkinz should really change that because I was using the photo icon that was supposed to help me enter.

  2. Rachelgirl says:

    What are the criteria you use for choosing a winner, or is it just random?

  3. EmiEm1 says:

    Everytime I try to submit a photo it says that I “exceeded the image size limit”. I resized the image multiple times, the smallest was 500 width. But it wont go through. Is there another reason why it wont send?

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      Could the the file format, or if you have it set to a high resolution. A 75 dpi resolution is good enough. If you have the option to set the file quality when you save it, make sure you pick something like a medium rather than high.

  4. minervak78 says:

    I think that I might enter

  5. Traveller says:

    @sallywebkinz will you be offering similar prizes to get old faithful in Classic Webkinz? Or are these just for the folks playing Next?

  6. 73kibarry says:

    I can’t submit the room. even though I used the photo tool in the game. Any suggestions? It says it is too large.

  7. Dr Quack Fan says:

    Yes yes yes!

  8. frozenanna2 says:

    I can’t. I don’t have enough money to buy a bunch of cool furniture on that Webkinz. I have an account, but my rooms would look terrible. All I have is a couch! LOL. In fact, I just logged the new plush on that Webkinz account. It is a (pretty) fun game I guess. But, I like Webkinz “Classic” better. It has more features. Anyway, good luck to all who are doing this! Also, GANZ gods, when are you announcing the winners for the Design a Pet Contest? Cause you said on one comment that the Announcing date was on February 7th 2021, but I checked yesterday, and it wasn’t announced yet. Have a great day everyone! ~frozenanna2. ;)

  9. FuzzyFriends says:

    I don’t have a Webkinz Next account so I won’t be competing, but good luck to everyone else who is doing this.

  10. kittly2008 says:

    This sounds so fun! Will every entry have the original designer credited? It is great to see how creative players are.

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