Pick up a Halloween Party Pack!


Want to host a Halloween party in Webkinz World? Just visit the WShop and look for the Party Packs selection in the “Fun Stuff” category, where you’ll find the Halloween Party Room Pack and the Halloween House Party Pack! The Halloween Party Room Pack will give you a Halloween-themed party room to host your party, while the house party packs lets you host in one of your own rooms!







Don’t forget to dress your pets up in their favorite costumes before heading out to the party!


Watch for a Special Report this weekend explaining more about how Webkinz Party Packs work!


Are YOU planning on hosting a party in Webkinz World this Halloween? Let us know in the comments below!


31 Responses to Pick up a Halloween Party Pack!

  1. Lovecrafts14 says:

    The parties never start for me it only worked once out of five times.

  2. criss999 says:

    my party did not stare at 730 did not work again

  3. perfect29_backup says:

    I’m definitely getting one of these! my friend and I used to this so much last year, because the house visit thing doesn’t work anymore, but then she decided webkinz was bad and stopped playing. I just hope if I do it I get a goody bag! I love goody bags, I still have extra from my birthday last year. Completely random fact: One year for my birthday party I gave everyone a webkinz lil kinz cocker spaniel that I got from five below! I need to figure out how to write stuff in less than 5 minutes…

  4. kat1957 says:

    these parties do not work it takes your stuff from the room it glitchy and you can not play the games that call for 3 or more to play … no one comes to the party so i dont think i will buy any more party boxes

  5. EnnaFire says:

    The whole party thing just seems complicated and glitchy and hard to organize and…. well, there’s a lot of other things to do in Webkinz world that work and are more fun. To bad parties don’t work, because it seems like they’d be cool, but right now it’s sadly just a waste of kinzcash.

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