Podkinz Ep. 10: Music to Our Ears




Hosted by Gennelle Webkinz and Mike Webkinz, this podcast is about all things Webkinz! Each episode has a theme and we chat about everything – favorite pets, awesome items, current and upcoming Webkinz events, and more! For fans who want an inside look at Webkinz World, we also feature interviews with Ganz staffers and put a spotlight on different areas in Webkinz.


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…we’re loving the music of Webkinz World and talking about why it’s so important to the game!


What’s In Our KinzPost?: We read your thoughts about music and your favorite songs.


Meet a Ganz-er: We chat with Christian, Lead Audio Engineer at Ganz and Podkinz producer, about his job and a career spent making music!


What’s Next: We’ll be talking all things CLOTHING in Webkinz World, including recipes, unique looks and more. Listen for the questions we ask you at the end of the segment!




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84 Responses to Podkinz Ep. 10: Music to Our Ears

  1. NMKID says:

    Dear Podkinz, when I shop for clothing I try to match up the color and design of the clothing with the gender of the pet I’m shopping for. It also depends on the season. The toughest clothing recipe I’ve tried to figure out is the Wild Watermelon tee. I started trying to solve it in 2011 but I didn’t figure it out until a few months ago. To make it you need Emerald Green Rain boots, Summer Fun Swimsuit Top, and the Ballerina Top. I am trying to figure out other clothing recipes like the neon tutu. Please let me know if you have any suggestions of what other clothing recipes I should try to figure out or if you know what is used in those types of clothing recipes. ;)

  2. Kamots55 says:

    I love unique clothing, but it all depends on what webkinz I’m shopping for. All of my webkinz are different and like different styles. :D

  3. GreenSecret says:

    Mike and Gennelle – Do you know when we might expect to see some new rooms in the share center? I have submitted some that I have not seen yet, and I would think others have too. Thank you.

  4. limeskittle says:

    I love looking in the Kinzstyle outlet at all of the new and exciting clothes they have. How do the designers for Webkinz World come up with ideas for the clothes?

  5. webkinzrockz131 says:

    I look for color matching outfits like the green fleese sweater and boy’s jeans for my boy pets and a dress or skirt with a top for my girl pets. :)

  6. cassmar says:

    NEON TUTU!!!! Pleassseeee

  7. Jessayla says:

    Awesome episode! I saw you in the KinzVille Park, Mike! It’s me, Honolulu! LOL :)

  8. arianatootlebug says:

    I look for what would look good on whatever pet I’m buying for. But, I do look for as many unique items as possible!

  9. BendItLikeKorra says:

    When ever I go to the Kinzstyle Outlet I love to look for the rare clothing that PJ has sometimes. I collect all lot of clothing and I have all of it separated into different rooms by seasons. I also have separate closets for deluxe clothes and magical forest clothes. Loved this episode and cant wait for the next one!!

  10. fisher says:

    I can’t believe you didn’t mention the Movie Theater! I love catching some of the videos I haven’t seen or have forgotten about there every week.

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