Podkinz Ep. 106: Watch Out for Goblins! Plus a FREE Code!

In today’s Podkinz, Michael and Mandy read some KinzPost and take a look at the new Lil’ Goblins coming to Webkinz World, as well as previewing three options for the new Christmas theme! They also show some of the amazing theater sets that players have submitted to our Share Center contest, and they give away a FREE code for a Classic Movie Studio prize!

Podkinz Ep. 106


Enter the code for your Classic Movie Studio prize at the Code Shop on Webkinz.com.


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64 Responses to Podkinz Ep. 106: Watch Out for Goblins! Plus a FREE Code!

  1. hotpets says:

    I got the jacket

  2. gmatiny says:

    FRANKENSTEIN ROOM the chair is part of the GOOBER LAB items

  3. SugarP says:

    But what about the Halloween room theme? Why Christmas already?

  4. criss999 says:

    can i get the Goblins i would love to have them

  5. gml1939 says:

    Excited for the Lil Goblins! Does anyone know what the price range will be? For Lil Kinz (hopefully) or Exclusive (yikes). I’m hoping to get at least one of each.

  6. 1Emerald1 says:

    What an awesome podkinz! I just love the new Goblins and all the cool recolored toadstool items. I wish we’d had all of this 2 years ago when I started my Quest for the Freaky Forest videos! Awesome October activities, guys, thanks! Mike is so talented! I’d like the Christmas Cabin theme please. Coziness is important to me, especially at the Holidays. Mandy, I’m with you, I really like to over-do it on the holiday decorations. My house becomes a fairyland at Christmastime. Plus, I have a Christmas tree ornament collection that spans 4 generations of my family. Some of the blown glass ornaments are over 125 years old & immigrated from Europe with the family. I love traditions & do love to decorate! Going to the Code Shop now, thanks for the code, guys.

  7. Scorpio says:

    An amazing podkinz, thanks Mandy and Michael, can hardly wait for the mini gobblins to adopt, they are soooooo cute!!

  8. Grumpylas says:

    I made a bunch of the Dr Quack shakes but I can not feed them to my pets!! :( They are worthless

  9. larzy says:

    Can’t wait for these goblins. I think I’ve seen the green one wearing an adorable big bow in an ad, just too cute. The stage rooms, wow! I have a suggestion. How about showcasing a playbill for finalists or winner? Ooh, a new ‘book’ in the W shop with the best of these.

  10. kaye10 says:

    hi shelkinz–hey good question (I have 800 pets & before I log out I always make certain they are all at 100% by taking them to the spa if necessary.) if you keep them individually at 100% that is best….here are some ways–buy lots of food (even 5kc milkshakes are very helpful), take them to the workout room at the clubhouse & keep feeding them after they exercise & will bring up their total; also baths, putting them to bed gets points, but don’t leave them there or they will need more food!!; playing games, doing dailies, etc. etc. ….if you do all the daily stuff everyday your kc will add up very quickly; also if you adopt another pet you will get big kc boost & sell all the extras (except your new psi of course) & you will have enough kc to send all your pets to the spa…THEN just keep stopping by spa each day as I do & you’ll have 301 happy pets! :) good luck & have fun, best k.

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