Podkinz Ep 109: Moving Rooms!

In this episode of Podkinz, Michael and Mandy sneak peek a brand new House Map feature in Webkinz World: The ability to move your rooms! Get ready, because you’ll be able to move the rooms on your Webkinz account starting November 21st… And oh yeah, they give away a free code too!



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147 Responses to Podkinz Ep 109: Moving Rooms!

  1. Oldshowsrock58 says:

    yay!!! can’t wait!!! now how about letting us change our pets names? i have one named The Duke, but have considered renaming him Kieth Urban, Johnny Cash, or Randy Travis, since he is a Rockerz Country Horse!! just not sure which or if i really do wanna change his name. :)

    • SugarP says:

      Yes! I having been hoping for this for ages (well, I say ages but really I only opened my account in February.) But some people have made mistakes and would like to fix them, I’m a perfectionist, it really bothers me.

  2. mimi2 says:

    THANK YOU !!! Best idea yet, It would be awesome if you could upgrade room sizes or delete the small rooms,just saying,but really your the Bomb!

  3. LeoGrimm says:

    Finally! Please tell me selling/demolishing/resizing rooms is next!

  4. momno1 says:

    Moving rooms!! What wonderful news!!! I’ve got more than 300 rooms, including at least one storage room for every letter of the alphabet! Those storage rooms can now be bundled together without regard to how many doors lead to them. Other rooms have wallpaper that looks better with no door. Now I can put all my Christmas rooms together, all the Halloween rooms together, all the Valentine rooms… you get the idea! It will be a huge job straightening out all this spaghetti, but easier than dealing with the current chaos. Thank you!

  5. ADSLO1 says:

    Love, love, love!!!!!

  6. mar1ed2 says:

    I wrote this in here a few months back and also thought it would be nice if we could make our rooms into the large size for the difference in prices

    • ferretfuzzbut says:

      I have asked about changing room size as well or deleting because i would like to get rid of all the small and medium sized rooms i have. Maybe that will be their next project!!!!

      • SugarP says:

        I am hopeful that is their next project! This gives me hope because it shows they are listening to the fans so I have faith in them that they’re trying to make changes bit by bit.

  7. Lilyflower1000 says:

    I thought they never would do this!!! Ty ty ty webkinz!!

  8. megamom12 says:

    Oh, my goodness! Finally!

  9. corky10angel says:

    Thank you for the rearrange button for the house map! I’ve been wanting to move rooms around, or change locations of certain rooms, and it was very tedious to take every thing out of one room and move it to another, so thank you for giving everyone the option to rearrange the floor plan of our webkinz house!!

  10. GramaII says:

    This is fantastic, now I can get my house in order to make it easier to find my pets rooms. Thank you so much, have wanted to do this for many years.

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