Podkinz Ep 109: Moving Rooms!

In this episode of Podkinz, Michael and Mandy sneak peek a brand new House Map feature in Webkinz World: The ability to move your rooms! Get ready, because you’ll be able to move the rooms on your Webkinz account starting November 21st… And oh yeah, they give away a free code too!



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147 Responses to Podkinz Ep 109: Moving Rooms!

  1. Silverwolf_Productions says:


  2. Demongirl10 says:

    I’ve always wanted to do this!! My house is going to look so much more organized. X3

  3. forestsprite says:

    Ahhhhh!!! So excited, been waiting for room moving for years!!!

  4. sciencesplat says:

    this is wonderful!

  5. kivabear says:

    I have been waiting for this feature since 2008!

  6. Jengle says:

    AMAZING!! I cant wait to switch up my house!

  7. Ttraacyy says:

    Yes, finally!!! I have been waiting for over 10 years for this feature!

  8. kaitbug545 says:

    fantastic! I pushed the wrong thing a couple of times and have treetops in the wrong place. I can make a forest of trees and have all my birds in treetops

  9. 8jedis says:

    YES! Thank you! Now to go on a binge moving rooms! (now pretty please moving/disappearing doors next)

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