Podkinz Ep 117: Spring things and a Lucky Giveaway!

Today Michael and Mandy meet the new Lil’ Spring Unicorns and preview some fun spring events! They also review the finalists from the Share Center Wallpaper & Flooring Design contest and reveal three potential new room themes that we want YOU to vote on March 11 & 12! Plus – get a FREE code for a Lucky Coin Box so you can store the coins you collect with your Countdown to St. Patrick’s Day Calendar!



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Send Mandy and Michael your questions and ideas for the show! You can email your ideas to podkinz@ganz.com. Who knows, you may hear Mandy & Michael read your email on their next Podkinz episode… and if they do, they’ll email you with a code for a special gift!

36 Responses to Podkinz Ep 117: Spring things and a Lucky Giveaway!

  1. mrrblue4 says:

    Thanks Michael and Mandy for reading my letter! When will I get the email with my special item?

  2. hawk68 says:

    Why are they giving away a code for another box? They just gave us 7 codes for the same thing! I left Webkinz quite a few years ago because everything was just repeating and repeating and I think it’s happening again :(

  3. Webkinzluver5 says:

    Does anyone have an spare Fashion Week Glasses? I was getting all the other items except for that. My user is lotanna. Ty in advance!

  4. uaresweet says:

    Does anyone have any left over Head Bands from fashion week? I still need three. My username is uaresweet. Thanks!!

  5. seevey3 says:

    Does anyone have any Fashion week clothing? I need MOSTLY the headbands, Sweet 16 shirt, and the pop star dress. Thanks! My username seevey3

  6. megamom12 says:

    I’ve already designed the First Webkinz on the Moon room!!!!!

  7. ojibwa says:

    Yay! So happy to get another coin box! I have my Newz Team coins in one!

  8. netge says:

    You can use the trunk that you get when you complete the Vacation Island Map to store coins in, I discovered that by accident and store mine in those.

  9. grannyjany says:

    I hope the Painted Glass theme wins the room theme vote and that the wallpapers that are chosen are the Ocean Overlook, Observatory, and Sky-High Nest Room.

  10. grannyjany says:

    Thank you very much for the Lucky Coin Box. I needed another one of those.

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