Podkinz Ep. 33: Inspiration!


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…Maurizio joins Gennelle and they chat about inspiration and how to get it!


What’s In Our KinzPost?: Beautiful letters from listeners about what inspires them!


Quickfire Questions: Gennelle quizzes Maurizio and the tables are quickly turned!


What’s Next: With spring coming up, let’s talk about SPORTS! Which sports and activities do you play? Which ones do your Webkinz pets love? Let us know in the comments or by email! podkinz@ganz.com




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56 Responses to Podkinz Ep. 33: Inspiration!

  1. cegdrp517313 says:

    I don’t think my Design a Webkinz ideas went through. I used crayons to color them, so it wasn’t because I used computer software. I’m not sure why they didn’t go through?????

  2. momo4cookie says:

    Some sports, and activities that I play are gymnastics, ballet, and tennis. I don’t go to gymnastics or ballet practice anymore though but, I had fun when I used to go to practice. Then during the summer I would go with my brothers to play tennis, although we didn’t go to a class. And the sports, and activities that my Webkinz pets love are gymnastics and ballet.

  3. 082003m says:

    My favorite sport is kind not very common because of the long distances we run. Cross-Country running is super fun because everyone on the team is really dependable and encouraging. In practice, we run in combined groups of middle-schoolers through high-schoolers. I run up to 4 miles a day in practice and the older kids run up to 10 miles. All of my teammates are devoted to this sport and fun to be around which makes this sport great.

  4. unicorn2910 says:

    I can get the legendary crown of wonder!!!

    • cegdrp517313 says:

      I got the crown of wonder a lot of times. It could be because I have 3 Webkinz accounts. I think I’ve gotten over 20 crowns of wonder throughout my whole life. Of course the first and second time I got it I was very very excited. The second time I remember I only had to get one more gem Ocean Saphire? and I was very happy when I finally got it. That must have been over 5 years ago.

  5. xCountryKinz17 says:

    Dear Podkinz, I’m not the sporty kind of person, but I use to go bowling. Of course I wasn’t the best bowler, but I just did it to have fun! I once in a while take my webkinz pets bowling in the clubhouse, so that maybe they can be champion bowlers. I think the last time I ever went bowling was on my birthday, I was with my best friend it was really fun! ~CK17~

  6. Pandaprotector says:

    You rock, Maurizio! I would also LOVE to see you do a “Let’s Draw: A Panda Bear!” video! :)

  7. gabby1960 says:

    Another fun video, thanks and Happy Valentine’s Day

  8. MidnightQueen says:

    That was so much fun! I loved the Quickfire questions! Can I answer some of the questions too? My favorite type of music pop, I love Nafaria, My favorite arcade game is Goober’s Lab, the first thing I do when I log on Webkinz World is turn on my phone, my favorite Webkinz character is Nafaria, I couldn’t quite say what has been the most awesome place that I have ever been too, but it might be the beach in Florida or Disney World. Also, if I could describe Webkinz with one word, it would be “AWESOME!!!!!” I often get inspiration straight from the heart, whether it be inspiration for drawings, songs, or stories, it usually is just a spontaneous idea that I sometimes form into a work of art. I want to one day become a professional singer, and I plan on taking voice lessons, but as far as songwriting goes, it is usually (if not always) a reflection of my emotions, feelings, mind, soul, and heart. Thanks for another great Podkinz episode, guys! P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! ***MidnightQueen***

    • cegdrp517313 says:

      For fun I guess I’ll answer some of the questions too. I like pop music more than classical music. Mostly I like folk, country pop, soul pop, country rock, new age, dance, and a lot more kinds of music. So I guess that’s pop. I like Alyssa more than Nafaria. I rather vote for the good fairy not the bad fairy. Even though I’ve often wondered what ever happened to the pink haired good fairy in the game Tulip Troubles 2. My favorite arcade game would have to be Webkinz Mini Golf. I really wish they would make a Webkinz Mini Golf 2. When I log into Webkinz World I first do my gardening. I don’t really enjoy doing that so I get it over with first. The most awesome place I’ve ever been to would probably be the Louisiana Old State Capital. I think it’s a haunted building. I got a cool snow globe from there. I think the best word to describe Webkinz could be Amazing. I get inspiration from listening to other people’s songs if I want to write a song. I also get inspiration from any experiences I have. I definitely agree with MidnightQueen about what I want to do someday. I also wish to become a singer who sells albums and is famous. I write a song almost every day. I want to someday start some kind of group of amateur singers, writers, artists, and poets, and I want to help them sell their work. Another dream of mine is owning a store. Well, I’m glad I’m not the only one who leaves long comments. And I forgot some of the questions. I like movies more than video games, and my favorite host is probably Amanda Panda I think.

      • MidnightQueen says:

        That’s awesome! Remember me when you are a rich and famous singer! Or better yet, maybe one day we will perform together! Do you like Ellie Goulding or Lana Del Rey? Hey Gennelle and Michael, what’s you guys’ favorite songs? My favorite is Bad Romance. Happy Valentine’s Day, Michael, Matt, Gennelle, Maurizio, Steve, and everyone else on the Webkinz staff! ***MidnightQueen***

    • MEGWEBKINZ says:

      @MidnightQueen are answers are very similar! My fave music is pop, Nafaria all the way, GOOBERS LAB OH YEAH xD, first thing I check my messages, awesome place…. I’ve gotta say Disneyland Backstage xD I don’t get around much! My one word is a-MAZ-ing! xD Fave host: I have always been a fan of Wacky Zingoz! and I am inspired by art that I see. Its great getting to see art people made in the ShareCenter. ~Hug a PUg~

  9. NMKID4527 says:

    You had interesting questions Gennelle! That was fun to listen to! I love PodKinz! I followed along with your questions. I have earned the Crown Of Wonder twice! Haha!!! I also like to use haha but sometimes I use lol or rofl. In a comment on the Dr. Quack thing I used rofl to follow along with CountryKinz. And I use lol a lot on WKN and haha when I’m texting a friend most of the time. Anyway, great job with this podcast! It was hilarious! Maurizio was all like, “you didn’t say anything about questions.” Haha! Lol! Rofl! (See what I did there?)

  10. jkj1004 says:

    Awesome Podkinz items!

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