Podkinz Ep. 36: The Adventure Park



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…Gennelle and Matt Webkinz talk the Adventure Park and the fun you have playing outdoors with your pet. Plus, Steve Webkinz pops in for a visit and we read your letters!


What’s In Our KinzPost?: Your stories about playing outside and in the Adventure Park with your pet!


Spotlight on…the Adventure Park: How does it work? Where you can explore? Who will you meet? We answer all!


What’s Next: Two words: SPRING CELEBRATION! What are your most anticipated events and prizes? Let us know in the comments or by email! podkinz@ganz.com



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37 Responses to Podkinz Ep. 36: The Adventure Park

  1. paoddbeartashiekins says:


  2. MEGWEBKINZ says:

    Hi Podkinz! I LOVE Spring Celebration!!!! It is one of my favorite times in Webkinz World. My favorite part is… well, I really can’t choose one! I love feeding Chocolate Eggs to my pet to win prizes; they get better and better every year!!! I also ADORE the clothes PJ Collie releases at the Kinzstyle Outlet. She has a superb fashion sense! I can’t wait for this years Spring Celebration and all of the awesome things you get to do! Podkinz rocks! ~Hug a Pug~

  3. legodude says:

    I love the adventure park. Sometimes I neglect going due to other fun plays or time constraints. Eating the chocolate eggs, yummy! I love the prizes too.

  4. TigerKingWebkinz says:

    Hey Gennelle, how about since April is the 10th anniversary for Webkinz, you should release 10 webkinz for that month!

  5. gemrysforest says:

    The park is really hard for me. Something about the animation there really triggers my ASD sensory issues, and makes me feel kinda sick, so I don’t go very often. Just when there is something really special. I also really, really wish the Webkinz team would add a master switch to the sounds. Some areas can’t be turned off, and I really need to be able to turn them off. So I have to cut the volume off, and then I can’t do other things on my computer. It would also be great if there were a way some outdoor rooms could stay winter all year long.

  6. my9tailkinz says:

    Dear podkinz I love spring! Every year I like to go to camp! I love playing a game called ga ga ball ! Most of the time I score 2nd ! one time I scored first ! I don’t really know how to swim ! I will not quit ! I love playing Soccer, baseball , and basketball ! When I leave to camp I like putting some of my webkinz in my campkinz room ! Hope you a have a great spring! #podkinz

  7. Melody_Dixon says:

    Dear podkinz, I am very excited for spring celebration. My signature german shepherd, Renty, loves the marshmallow collection. He looks forward to the yummy easter treats I buy him every year. We also love to dress up Dyna- a butterscotch retriever and Rent’ys sister- in P.J. Collies’ cute new clothing lines. And with spring in the air, Renty always gets a new adventure park backpack from the e-store to ring in the new season with. Podkinz rocks!

  8. BigBroDragneel says:

    What I think was AWESOME about the Spring Celebration!!!!!!!! Was that I was able to find that lil green guy and capture him FIVE times !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WEBKINZ IS AWESOME AND COOL !!!!!!! IT IS COOL-SOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #podkinz

    • GingerDragneel says:

      Dear podkinz , I love spring ! I love how on webkinz they put little flower in the outdoors! I went to camp once and found a water snake ! Swimming in the Lake! It bit a fish every one got out of the lake ! The boys were screaming ! It was funny ! I like the tomato festival ! I went with my friend ! There is another festival we go to and there is a ride that spins you around! I mean when I say spins takes you in the air and spins! My brother was screaming at the top of his lungs ! I love spring not too cold not too hot

  9. TaffyKitty12 says:

    I love dressing up my pet in the spring clothing line and feeding them chocolate eggs! I love dressing my pet in the really cool spring fashions! After a long winter, it’s nice to get my pet ready for spring! As for the eggs, I just love the awesome prizes I can get when I feed them to my pet! I just can’t wait for spring celebration!!! (Spring is also my favorite season of the year!)

    • xCountryKinz17 says:

      That’s awesome, TaffyKitty12! What I enjoy about the spring celebration on webkinz, is giving my golden retriever (named Topaz), new spring outfits! I’ll give her a casual spring outfit and a fancy spring outfit every year. But not only spring, I do it on all 4 seasons! Oh, and as for my other pets, I let them play all of the awesome spring activities! P.S. Podkinz is the coolest!

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