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…Gennelle and Matt chat about communities, especially Webkinz’s online community, and hang out with special guest Mandy Webkinz!


What’s In Our KinzPost?: You’re all members of so many wonderful communities. We read your stories of belonging.


Meet a Ganz-er: We chat with Mandy Webkinz, Marketing Associate, about her job!


What’s Next: The Decade Dragon got us thinking about the amazing creativity that goes into PET NAMES! Where do you get YOUR ideas for pet names from? What are some of your favorites? Share them with us at podkinz@ganz.com!


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81 Responses to Podkinz Ep. 39: Community Unity

  1. legodude says:

    Oh and AWESOMENESS my community comment was used :) :)

  2. legodude says:

    So some of my names come from the webkinz themselves. Like snowy the polar bear (my first) or Wiffles the Waffle Kangaroo. Sometimes I look for the name in translations of the animal such as Aurum the Golden Dragon. Some are Celtic names. My Decade Dragon is Daniel D Dragon. :)

  3. TULUKEE says:

    does the wolffey person have anything to do with animal jam you tuber wolffeycat?

  4. vgcallah says:

    Well, I like getting inspiration from the pet. Like, for instance, my B&W cat is named domino. When Mandy said Blue Avenue, I wanted to say the classy theme for my Blue Avenue kitten, Alison. It is a classic and classy name. My calico cat is Callie, my groundhog is Phil, (Puxatawny Phil), My koala is eucalyptus, my hippo is plumpie, my choch cheeky dog is hershey, and my tree frog is hemlock.

  5. animelover7644 says:

    Normally when i come up with names for my pets I look at the pet and think of what it reminds me of. Like with my Decade Dragon I looked at it and it reminded my of “The legend of webkinz” or something like that. So I named her Legend! also sometimes I name them after good memories. Like with my cocker spaniel I named her Biscuit after a book i read when i was little that I loved. By the way Ganz thanks so much for the awesome anniversary celebration! It was awesome and I can’t wait to see where you guys take us soon!

  6. LadyBeauty says:

    I have named many of my horses using names from horses in books I have read, including my Clydesdale: Greatheart from a Robin McKinley’s book Beauty. (My username is also a twist on the Beauty and the Beast fairytale, mixed with royalty.) My cats all have some feline attribute in their names like purr, mew, meow, cat, kat, tabby, etc. and I get a bit playful with the spelling sometimes, such as my Tuxedo Cat: Prrvarotti because he looks like the late famous Italian opera star, Luciano Pavarotti. As you can see I’m not above a good pun for a name and my Musical Dalmatian: J.S. Bark is no exception! A couple pets have been named for special real pets I had growing up as a girl, including my Snow Soft Cat, Mr Muff. I also use names from history such as my Squirrel Monkey: Miss NASA Baker, and my 10 Year Magic W Pup: Decima. My tigers all have something to do with India, usually a royal title, but my Signature White Tiger: Star of India is named because his eyes are sapphire blue, which reminded me of the very famous gem stone mined in India and named Star of India. These are my favorite names for several of my most favorite Webkinz pets! ♪♫LadyBeauty♪♫

  7. 2003pitbull says:

    I love coming up with unique names for my Webkinz. A couple of my favorites are my Magical Retriever named Al A. Kazam, my Tye Die Puppy named Roy G. Biv, and my Winged Tiger named Otto Pilot, and my Tartan Terrier named Stewart (He is the Royal Stewart plaid).

  8. alice184 says:

    Sources for pet names for me are animals I have known, characteristics or personality of the pet, baby name books, and my imagination. Pet naming is a really cool part of Webkinz. My dragon is named Devin.

  9. TaffyKitty12 says:

    I get the names for my pets from a lot of different places. I sometimes name my pets after characters in my books. Sometimes, I’ll name them after characters in movies. And sometimes, I’ll name them after people I know or I’ll name them after what they look like (for example, my Wintermint husky is named “Icepaws” because his paws were blue and looked like ice.) Some of my favorite pet names include: Simba, my ribbon lion, Maui, my Aloha dolphin, Summer, my lil’ kinz yorkie (also my first ever pet), Dakota, my signature endangered red wolf, Midnight, my white tiger, Shelly, my dolphin, Bluestar, my snow soft kitty (she was named after a character in one of my books), and Thunder, my artic fox.

  10. griffoned says:

    I recently go to a baby names website to figure out what to name my pets. While I don’t currently have a pet under this name, I finally found a name f I ever get a blufadoodle: Huckleberry.

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