Podkinz Ep. 44: Summer Preview



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…Gennelle and Matt talk summer in Webkinz World and share your vacation plans!


What’s In Our KinzPost?: Our listeners love to take advantage of summer! We read your letters.


Spotlight on…Summer!: What’s going on this summer in Webkinz World?


What’s Next: We’re chatting all about food and recipes in Webkinz World! What are some of your favorite concoctions? Share your stories at podkinz@ganz.com or in the comment section below.


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45 Responses to Podkinz Ep. 44: Summer Preview

  1. seamojo says:

    Is there a reason I can’t view these? I try so many times and nothing appears. Help!

  2. inacup2 says:

    I’m a Daisy Doe fan because I feed my pets stuff I grow in my garden. I love to use fresh food in recipes!

  3. webkinzrockz131 says:

    I am actually going to see winter & hope the dolphins this summer. I am more of a Chef Gazpacho fan than Daisy Doe, I know 3 of my pets are more of a daisy doe type of pet but the rest LOVE chef gazpacho recipes. Daisy Doe fans in my webkinz household: Peacella (peace unicorn), Piddles ( panda), and Fluffball my koala. ~webkinzrockz131~

  4. JaneOfAllTrades says:

    I really like Chef Gazpacho! My favorite recipe to make is probably the wishful whirlawhip! I really like the way it looks and I like all the ingredients used in it! My favorite Pet Specific Food so far is the Triple Top Hat Cake for the tuxedo cat!

  5. legodude says:

    I am wondering if the enchanted berry on the WOW is a key ingredient to something? Like the enchanted pie also found on the WOW???

  6. fairy16flower says:

    I love to make recipes for my pets! have all my recipes written down in my Webkinz Binder! I have one of each of my recipes in coolers in one of my outdoor rooms in my Webkinz house. I like the Bellatart recipe best because I think it’s very pretty. I’m on Team Gazpacho because I love his cooking show and watch it a lot in my pet’s room. I think he’s very funny and feel nostalgic since when I started Webkinz, he was always there. I do like Daisy Doe’s restaurant and wish there was a Le Snout room in the Clubhouse.

  7. SignatureIsland says:

    Umm… Ganz… I HAVE A PROBLEM! Every time I go and buy a ton of food for recipes, my newly adopted Velvety Elephant’s HEALTH AND HUNGER DROP to 40%! I waste all my food trying to make her full again, and it’s REALLY annoying! Also, the word YAWN stretches across her image. And I JUST adopted her WEDNESDAY! Help!

  8. 9dogmolly says:

    Dear Podkinz, My favorite pet specific foods are the Hot Honey Hoagie and Kibble Kabob. The little Badger toothpicks in the Hoagie are so cute, and the Kabobs are perfect for the Basset Hound.

  9. Wolfy126 says:

    like cooking, sorry forgot to add a space XD

  10. Wolfy126 says:

    Dear Podkinz, I don’t really likecooking that much BUT, I do find the webkinz recipe names very creative. One of the things that my mom cooks, which I LOVE is her chocolate chip cookies! P.S Thanks for writing my comment in the last episode, going to the ice show was really fun!

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