Podkinz Ep. 50: Thanksgiving and 20 Questions!



In this episode Michael and Mandy discuss Thanksgiving in Webkinz World and play 20 questions to try and guess the mystery pets!


How do you and your family celebrate Thanksgiving? What are you thankful for the most? Let us know by sending us an email at podkinz@ganz.com or, leave a comment in the section below.


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You can also leave your questions in the comments section below…



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44 Responses to Podkinz Ep. 50: Thanksgiving and 20 Questions!

  1. JaneOfAllTrades says:

    I’m really looking forward to the holidays! I heard Christmas music playing the other day and it got me so excited! 19 days until Thanksgiving, 48 days until Christmas, and 55 days until new years! :D ~*JaneOfAllTrades*~

  2. Picia says:

    I love thanksgiving! All the family gets together and we have a Yankee swamp and it’s so fun!

  3. Starkinz says:

    I’m allergic to tree nuts, so no hazelnuts for me :(

  4. barb539 says:

    At first when Michael was trying to guess Mandy’s pet, I was thinking it was a skunk, don’t know why LOL. My brother had a real pet skunk named poo poo and she was so cute and fun to play with. Good job Mandy on guessing Michael’s pet in 12 guesses!

    • NMKID4527 says:

      What a fantastic way to celebrate PodKinz’s 50th episode with playing a game of 20 questions! I loved listening to this episode! Congratulations on winning the game, Mandy! And great try Michael. I know I probably couldn’t have won against either of you. Looking forward to the next episode! :)

  5. MEG_WEBKINZ says:

    Hi Podkinz! For Thanksgiving, we don’t really have too much of a tradition. Sometimes, we go out and get a nice dinner. Other times, we visit family. Once, we got pizza and put up our Christmas decorations! LOL! I think Thanksgiving, no matter what you do, is very important. Its a day where you can just be thankful for everything you have. I love Thanksgiving!

    • snowandlindsey says:

      Hey podkinz! I loved listening to Michael and Mandy play 20 questions, so I decided to play it with my brother. Well, it looks like I’ve beat Mandy’s record I guessed my brother’s pet in just 5 questions it was the lollipop snail! I love listening to podkinz and hopefull you can play more games on the show! it’s awesome!

    • glitteringduck says:

      Dear Podkinz, Hi! I’m really excited for Thanksgiving this year! In my family, we go to a state park near where we live, eat turkey sandwiches, and play sports! We’ve even gone horseback riding before! No matter what we do, it’s always a blast :) (ps, GO BLUE JAYS!!!!!!)

      • NMKID4527 says:

        Dear PodKinz, My family and I are going all over the place this November! We are going to visit my sister’s best friend, another sister of mine and her family, and a bunch of family from my dad’s side for thanksgiving! I am so excited for this month. This will probably be the biggest November I’ll remember! -NMKID4527

  6. MEG_WEBKINZ says:

    Sally Webkinz, do scores on the Webkinz Mobile App not count towards the overall high score list on Webkinz? Because I just got 408 points on Ms. Cowoline’s Roll Call and if I’m not mistaken the 10th highest score was 400. It says my highest score ever is 408, so I’m not positive if it counts…

  7. Kamots55 says:

    Mandy did a really good job! I wouldn’t have guessed that!

  8. _emiemiemiemiemi_ says:

    Umm, I just looked at an item in the Curio Shop (it was that Victorian wig) and the description said “Can be worn on your pet’s head… as long as they have one.” 0_o say what? Lol, are you guys being funny, or what?

  9. fluff54 says:

    On Thanksgiving my family and I go to the park and feed the squirrels aren’t they the cutest things?! <3

    • Pokekinz says:

      This is the first time I’ve listened to Podkinz in a while, I don’t usually have the time. :/ I can’t believe they’re making the Wheel of Wishes available only one hour all day…. Bleh. Well, guess I’ll be playin’ some “Webkinz 20 Questions”. :P

  10. snowandlindsey says:

    Yay! New podkinz!!!! Yay yay! Can’t wait to listen to it after school!

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