Podkinz Ep 79: Meet The Artists & Baked Goods Giveaway!


In this episode, Michael and Mandy welcome Webkinz artists Mike and Erik to the Podkinz studio and review their favorite entries for the “Design an Item” contest. Mike and Erik also talk about the creative process behind the new Party Time room theme which is being released in the W-Shop on May 10th. Pay close attention… there are 3 Baked Goods codes that you can find during the episode and enter at the Code Shop on Webkinz.com for bonus Baked Goods!



Make sure you visit Webkinz Newz on Sunday, May 14th to find out who won the “Design an Item” contest.


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97 Responses to Podkinz Ep 79: Meet The Artists & Baked Goods Giveaway!

  1. Steelers91 says:

    I wish all of these items could be in the wshop. But I think the train, fantasy column, and modern fireplace are my favorite. too Hard to choose one!

  2. norman12 says:

    That boper911 always has the best designs for everything! I really liked their toadstool theme wallpaper, but the column is good too. nice job boper911!

  3. monkey3997 says:

    I love the interchangeable parts of the Party theme. This Theme is going to be FUN.

  4. fajay12 says:

    Ooo the column for the fantasy theme looks cool! we need more columns in webkinz world!

  5. EmeraldCity says:

    Wow! Another fantastic Podkinz, there’s so much I want to say but I love all the W Shop room items ideas that were shown here! Congrats to them all. I really like the modern fireplace room divider and art supply cabinet. But they’re all great and loved hearing Erik and Mike’s comments, so interesting what they can do with these concepts! The implementation of rotating items that change when you click on them is one of my favorite inventions for items. I think it’s so great you are making the wheelchair! :) The party theme is so fun and the window you showed reminded me of the Home Before Dark game when you have to get the Webkinz to the party…this IS the party, LOL! Thank you for the codes and good luck to all the finalists.

  6. Catqueen2014 says:

    The trail riding horse by Autum88 in the share center has been my favorite upload. I WANT IT SO BAD!!!

  7. Catqueen2014 says:

    My absolute favorite is the art cabinet!!!! I have been waiting for somthing like this for YEARS!!!!!

  8. dinosaurtracker13 says:

    I love your idea to have the telescope open the Star Challenge game!! That would be so neat if my item won.

  9. dinosaurtracker13 says:

    Thank you for featuring my telescope! : )

  10. cacogirl says:

    I totally need the Modern Fireplace Room Divider and the Jungle Tub!!!!!

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