Podkinz Ep. 9: Dogs & Dragons



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…we talk Design a Dog and baby dragons!


What’s In Our KinzPost?: We read out a grab bag of questions sent to us recently!


Spotlight: We look into the story of Raziel the dragon and, well, dragons in general!


What’s Next: We’ll be chatting about music and songs! We have some questions for you about music in Webkinz World.




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Plus, thanks so much to Kolya for sending in this awesome drawing of Mike and Gennelle! We love it!





129 Responses to Podkinz Ep. 9: Dogs & Dragons

  1. JaneOfAllTrades says:

    Go Charizard! You Rock Mike!!! Okay I like Charizard but even though I’m 13 I have to say my favorite dragon would have to be Cassie or Ord from dragon tales. And my favorite webkinz song is probably Mustache Louie.

  2. JaneOfAllTrades says:

    Hi Ganz! I was wondering, Are you ever planning to bring back the communal contests on Webkinz? And why did you take them away in the first place? I really miss them!

  3. JaneOfAllTrades says:

    Hi Mike! Hi Genelle! I heard you guys are hanging out in the park? or did I mishear? If I didn’t, when are you guys normally there? and is it Kinzchat Plus? My mom will not let me get KC+

  4. ballardlynette says:

    I’ve Seen The Never Ending Story!!! Thanks Podkinz!!!

  5. bouncer1231 says:

    Why did you retire the Kangaroo Webkinx Plushie? I really love Kangaroos and I am now very sad, but I have the Tree Kangaroo Webkinx Plushie and The Springy Kangaroo Plushie.

  6. wiki10 says:

    when will the treasure hunt be back

  7. squandoo says:

    you should have a choice to send, like you have another password or something.

  8. clrichards1965 says:

    Hi Ganz, can you PLEASE bring back signatures? I was a HUGE fan! I was literally crying in my desk when i read that you were stopping signatures. Now the timber wolf, arctic fox, golden retriever, red wolf and german shepherd signature prices will just go up even more! I mean really, $400 for a WEBKINZ??? That’s just plain ridiculous. If you stop making them, the timber wolf’s price will be over $1,000!!! I will NEVER be able to buy it. :’( Neither will anyone else. And the sig arctic fox, $150, the sig red wolf, $50, the sig german shepherd, $300, and the sig golden, $200. We all love signatures, so please start making them again or release all sigs for a limited time at a descent price. Mike and Gennelle, or ANYBODY at Ganz, please read, also anyone who agrees with me, reply this comment. And Ganz, if you can’t bring back signatures, at least tell me why.

  9. hellokitty1244 says:

    i mean that movie was on not show

  10. hellokitty1244 says:

    I watched the Never Ending Story when I was at my grandmas she has dish tv but she never pays her bill so she had free previews (which was just a few free stations she could receive) and there was like a children’s station and they played movies for kids and that show was on. I watched it, it was a good movie! :D

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