Reminder: Cheating can lead to losing your account

Recent events have required us to once again remind our players that cheating in any form in Webkinz Classic or Webkinz Next can lead to your account being permanently closed. Cheating includes:

1. Using outside tools to acquire or create items, KinzCash, eStore points, Diamonds or pet codes.

2. Attempting to hack our systems in any way, for any purpose.

3. Exploiting bugs in the game to acquire, create or duplicate items, KinzCash, eStore points, Diamonds or pet codes.

4. Entering another player’s account without their permission, for any reason.
With the release of Webkinz Next, we have added method of awarding premium currency – Diamonds – to our players. Any exploit used to improperly acquire extra Diamonds will be dealt with very seriously.


If you discover an exploit in the game, or any outside tool, please let us know at right away.
We do not like closing accounts, but we must protect our game and make it fair for all players. Please protect all the hard work you have put into your Webkinz account and do not use exploits or cheats.

38 Responses to Reminder: Cheating can lead to losing your account

  1. aribot says:

    i dont buy webkinz plush pets but i get my code thing online

  2. Funny283 says:

    Hey, Sally, is it cheating if you refresh the page on webkinznewz and you get 1 money everytime you do this? Because if you clicked on the refresh button on the top left corner on your browser 1000 times, you could possibly get 1000 moneyz.

  3. SiennaLies08 says:

    I just logged in again, and it gave me another gift box, so it is probably a bug.

  4. OtterPikaLove says:

    On Next, there is a glitch where, eventually, the purple flowers do not affect you anymore, and you can go for longer times, and earn more Kinzcash.

  5. mfaull says:

    I must be very naive. I did not know it was possible to cheat. How disgusting!

    • Strawberrykinz72 says:

      I don’t understand what they mean by “tools”

    • kaye10 says:

      i agree! i saw this when first posted but was not logged in to reply…have seen ads or info on sites about how to “cheat” in diff ways, but assume firstly, they do not work; secondly, why risk getting caught to be stupid; and lastly, WHY? i hate this short-cut mentality of today, webkinz is obvioulsy!!! set up to teach kids–and all of us–the value of working hard to accomplish a goal…. and the lesson meant for me and us all–PATIENCE. must admit i have gotten better & do credit webkinz for that! best, k.

    • Elizabeh says:

      This is heartbreaking really. I never considered that this was going on; and as a player below said, “Why” ? There are so many reasons not to perpetrate this behavior, and after all, no matter how much we love to enter our lovely game worlds, it IS just a game. That being said, I wrote a comment a while back, and I am so naive (!) that I didn’t get the “cheating” reference when i commented ! Sorry to any I might have offended. I was laughing at myself cause I’m usually the last one to know any thing ! To all those cheating, or scamming or whatever you are doing -please stop. Surely you have more productive ways of spending time ? Just have fun

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