Reminder: Cheating Will Not Be Tolerated

Just a reminder to all of our players that cheating in any form in Webkinz can lead to your account being permanently closed. Cheating includes:


  1. Using outside tools to acquire or create items, KinzCash, eStore points or pet codes.
  2. Attempting to hack our systems in any way, for any purpose.
  3. Exploiting bugs in the game to acquire or create items, KinzCash, eStore points or pet codes.
  4. Entering another player’s account without their permission, for any reason.


If you discover an exploit or outside tool, please let us know at right away.


We do not like closing accounts but we must protect our game and make it fair for all players. Please protect all of the hard work you have put into your Webkinz account and do not use exploits or cheats.






156 Responses to Reminder: Cheating Will Not Be Tolerated

  1. dailyjay says:

    if you have to eat foods for challenges and your pet is full if your pet only has one you can give it to them repeatedly and it completes the challenge

  2. LOOLOOBUDY says:

    the only reason people get free pet codes is because they are soooooo expencive

  3. penguinlove1 says:

    When you do a challenge that involves eating something, such as “Feed your pet 5 moonberries,” if your pet is full and you try to feed them moonberries, it wouldn’t be consumed but would still count toward the challenge. I accidently discovered this, and wanted to let you know.

  4. SunnyZ45 says:

    I played the Lovestruck Panda Challenge yesterday, found the Panda 5 times and got the reward and earned Moneyz too. It was great. I tried playing today but it hasn’t refreshed for some reason and I logged out and back in again and the little pop up keeps appearing saying I earned all the Moneyz for today. well that was yesterday. Then this Reminder showed up. Not sure what I did wrong? If I did anything wrong.. Help. I don’t want to be deleted either. I’m new at this. ..??

  5. Neette says:

    I can NOT get Watch & Win to work HELP PLEASE. I can get in but after I watch it I get NO coin to show I watched it HELP HELP PLEASE.

    • charlottet14 says:

      instead of doing watch and win. do free prizes. you get more kinzcash and have the option of a different prize as well!

    • catladyinpajamas says:

      I always do the prizes not the coin. If I do the coin it does not go onto my account. If the coins are in my tray they disappear. I’ve never received any money for those coins it has not worked since it was started I do it every day for the prizes and I keep a few and cash the rest in. The coins would have been better but I got tired of watching videos and being cheated from my money. The theater videos and coins don’t do that. I almost always get my money from them. Happy 4th of July every one!!

  6. Ashley234smilly says:

    Me and my best friend share a account and she takes a really good care of it. You should friend her.

  7. Blondie123BBB says:

    I have never heard this nor have done this But Really Ganz since when do you know whats fair? we should get more free estore points for having to put up with all the silly things that goes on in this game like bugs glitch’s and well other stuff to to add but its long but anyways i agree but still :)

  8. pinkiecupcake says:

    I have a question. To help fund my various room design projects, I like to turn on the ads, watch some ads from the free prizes, and then turn them back off. Is it cheating if the ads don’t run correctly and I still get the kinzcash for watching the ad? (I don’t click the button more than the allotted ten times a day. I just click the button to watch the ad for kinzcash, but sometimes the ad doesn’t run correctly and I get the kinzcash without watching the ad. It counts as a time on the counter for the day, and I don’t receive any more kinzcash than I would have received if the ad had played. I would have been happy to watch the ad if it played, it just doesn’t always. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t.) If it is cheating, I will happily stop immediately!!!!!!!!!! I don’t want to cheat, which is why I am asking. I don’t think I’m exploiting a bug in the game, since I am trying to watch the ad through a legal method to earn 200 kinzcash, and I am not trying to watch the ads more times than I am allowed. But since the ads don’t always run–they freeze on the first screenshot of the ad and then close out to award me 200 kinzcash–when I click the button, does that count as cheating? Thank you for your time, and if any part of this is considered cheating, I would be more than happy to stop! I do not want to lose my Webkinz–I have been a player for a long time and I love them dearly! I am asking because I want to make sure that my account will not closed. Again–I don’t *think* it’s cheating, not as far as I know, but I just want to be sure that it’s not. Please don’t close my account if it is–I honestly have no idea, and I will most definitely stop if it is. I do NOT want my account closed. Thank you!

    • pinkiecupcake says:

      That also goes for whether or not turning the ads on, watching the ads for kinzcash, and then turning them back off is cheating. If that is wrong, I will also happily stop doing that. I didn’t think it was, but if it is, let me know and it will never happen again.

    • pinkiecupcake says:

      Also, if something in that description of what happens when I try to run the free prizes ads isn’t clear, I am happy to answer any questions you may have to clarify things.

      • megamom12 says:

        Don’t worry! A lot of people have to turn the ad block back on when they are done with whatever needs the ads on because running the ads bogs their computers. It’s not your fault that your ads are running funny. So long as you are not doing anything to try to make it play more ads than the proper daily amount you are fine. You are not altering anything so don’t worry.

    • Pickles99SKA says:

      I think that’s fine. It’s not really your fault that the ads won’t play, and I think every player should have a fair chance at making their Webkinz happy (in this case, by buying stuff). I mean, you’re not purposely skipping the ad just to get the Kinzcash, so you’re not really cheating, are you?

    • ii00 says:

      I agree! I don’t want my account to be deleted!!!

  9. Nicthewerecatqueen says:

    I have a question…I have a friend who’s looking to get into Webkinz…is it alright if I give her a code of a webkinz I bought?

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