Reminder: Cheating Will Not Be Tolerated

Just a reminder to all of our players that cheating in any form in Webkinz can lead to your account being permanently closed. Cheating includes:


  1. Using outside tools to acquire or create items, KinzCash, eStore points or pet codes.
  2. Attempting to hack our systems in any way, for any purpose.
  3. Exploiting bugs in the game to acquire or create items, KinzCash, eStore points or pet codes.
  4. Entering another player’s account without their permission, for any reason.


If you discover an exploit or outside tool, please let us know at right away.


We do not like closing accounts but we must protect our game and make it fair for all players. Please protect all of the hard work you have put into your Webkinz account and do not use exploits or cheats.






265 Responses to Reminder: Cheating Will Not Be Tolerated

  1. Ibesawebkinzplayer says:

    Hey sally, can i tell you a webkinz next glitch?

  2. LitteMama1983 says:

    Not cheating related exactly, but I was wondering… I reached the max family score and have the prizes, but I’m wondering if I can start over again and get the prizes again? Thank you!

  3. TobyAndMia2020 says:

    (The old webkinz)

  4. CHEYCHEY071 says:

    i dont get the people who DO glitch it, just play fair!

  5. TobyAndMia2020 says:

    Can i tell you a SPREE glitch (cheat) Sally?

  6. JNeu8 says:

    You take cheating seriously but you won’t remove the Webkinz on my account that got duplicated some time when I was taking a break from playing. I have exact same copies of my pets with the same name and adoption date and gender and no one will help me. Your system just randomly messes up more than people actually cheat. :’(

  7. supermousecomputer says:

    i was just goofing around i did not know you would take me seriously

  8. supermousecomputer says:

    i found a glitch that i can get 100,000 kinzcash!!!

  9. Faithymayer says:

    My mom did the activation thing but says my account info is incorrect telling you on my moms phone

  10. frozenanna2 says:

    so me and my sister can’t play webkinz with the same computer anymore?

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