Rockin’ Fringe Vest: Secret Clothing Recipe Revealed!


In anticipation of our upcoming Fashion Week event next Monday, March 4th, we’re revealing another one of our classic clothing recipes!


The solution to creating the Rockin’ Fringe Vest has long been sought after, and now we can finally reveal the 3 clothing ingredients required to make this groovy garment:





Remember to pick up Garment Bag Packs at the Ganz eStore and the WShop starting next week! There’s a chance you’ll win a Fashion Designer’s Desk, the first-ever in-room item with clothing machine functionality!




Want to know MORE Secret Recipes? Check out our Secret Recipe Archive here!


What are some of YOUR favorite Webkinz recipes? Let us know in the comments below!


39 Responses to Rockin’ Fringe Vest: Secret Clothing Recipe Revealed!

  1. zeez02 says:

    This is really random, and I’ve commented about this before, but does anyone know how to get the Quizzy’s building? On a different comment all the replies said it should be on my map already or in the Wshop, but it’s not. (It’s also not in my map dock.) I have a challenge that I can’t complete unless I place it and it’s been lingering around for 3 months because I can’t figure out how to get it.

    • Twistersmom says:

      zeez02 you should have gotten one when you cretated your account. It should be on your map. It has the word Quizzy’s on top and a ? mark on the front. I would hold my cursor over every building to show the name of each building. If it is not on your map look at the map dock to the right side on your map to see if it is there. If you don’t see it there than I would contact webkinz support. I do hope you can find it. I have had a problem with one challenge requesting I buy the Ballerina Trophy Case which they do not sell any more.

      • dixiecup says:

        The Ballerina Trophy Case is in the Dance Studio theme, not the Ballerina theme. It’s still in there for 775 KC, I just checked. You should be able to finish your quest ;)

  2. swalter says:

    It’s called Samples Storage or something like that.

  3. MONKEYSMILE05 says:

    Its big med wood color brown an ARMOUR I think I got lots just havn’t paid attention in a long time. I use coupons to make it more affordable since I have lots . SET 1 room or an area aside . Lable it ESTORE then ALWAYS store items fron ESTORE and those papers you cant get rid of always IN THIS AREA. Some time you might actually find nice uses just not right now .

    • dixiecup says:

      Do you mean Armoire? That is definitely the best place to store your Wallpapers and Floors. I was so thrilled when they introduced it into the storage part of the W-Shop. It’s 750 KC well spent. I save my coupons for stuff like that Dreamy Gazebo bed. Being 10000 KC, it’s nice to have a few extra 75-90% off ones just for that purpose! You can easily get 750 KC in one day, playing strategically. Sell your gems that you mine, sell a star to Alyssa, go play in the Magic Forest and get some coins there, spin the wheel of WOW-MOM-WOW, go hang out with Quizzy for a bit, play a little Pixie pod Pachinko, go to work at the employment office and sell off extra garden foods. You can easily wrack up 1000 KC or more.

  4. Avocado says:

    Wow! This is great! On a different topic, we should be able to sell, trade and store wallpapers/flooring. It’s really annoying when you get a wallpaper from a challenge that you don’t like, and then you can’t put it anywhere. It’s just stuck in your dock

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