Sneak Peek: Fan-designed Clothing Revealed!


We’re so excited that the clothing from our fan-design contest in February is ready to be released at the end of August! The designs we ended up with were fantastic and we just know that you’re going to want to pick them up when they become available in the KinzStyle Outlet on August 28!


Check out the original drawings and the Webkinz artists’ interpretations of them below! Cakis’ grapevine outfit comes with a hat and shoes that will be added to Webkinz at a later date.



We’re also excited to see all the new designs that are currently being submitted in our Fashion Week Design Contest! We can’t wait to see the next fan-designed clothing that will be added to Webkinz World!




75 Responses to Sneak Peek: Fan-designed Clothing Revealed!

  1. KittyXCat says:

    Ohh, I hope they are not Deluxe. If they are, can someone send me them please? thank you in advance- lilkittylover.

  2. CyanSkyBlue says:

    Ahhhh! These outfits are all so gorgeous! I especially like the Swan Lake Dress! I can’t wait till these get released! :D

  3. PinkFlame says:

    :D I’m in love with the swan lake dress. I’m also a fan of the periwinkle one.

  4. leah7bear says:

    Yay! i’m so excited that everyone’s outfits are being put in webkinz soon! I can’t wait for my pets to try on an outfit that I designed! :D

  5. Marissa76 says:

    These are so gorgeous! I love them all so much, especially the Swan Lake Dress!

  6. Beckinz8 says:

    shhhhhh…i’m going to try to whisper this so no one finds out and changes things…there seems to be something going on with my secondary account which is a full account…i had been getting ad windows popping up every time i would change rooms, go to the arcade, etc., but today, nothing…if it is a glitch, i hope no one fixes it… ;)

    • Beckinz8 says:

      NM…Lego Harry Potter sets just popped up as I was about to logout. XD Please tell the Lego people that I want to buy their Harry Potter sets, but they only need to show me once per day or so. Otherwise I get so frustrated with the dozen same ads interrupting my game play, I just won’t buy their product out of spite!

    • MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

      *whispers* oh… okay… i hope you get lego harry potter sets… Oh.. I can stop whispering? Great!! XD

  7. ngeorgianow says:

    To me, the swan lake dress looks like the one made by Sofia the First in the halloween episode for season 1. Amber was a cursed butterfly? Don’t know why I remember that, I was too old for the show really, but ;)

  8. Powerann says:

    Nice! Although, I do prefer the original designs/colouring for a couple of them (ie: Star Struck Jacket and Swan Lake Dress). On another note: Reading through some of the comments, I find it a little upsetting that people would find it unfair if a couple of these designs were to be made Deluxe only. You have to keep in mind that Deluxe players pay REAL MONEY for the extra perks, and making a small portion of new items/themes/games/etc. Deluxe only is COMPLETELY fair.

    • alucard says:

      Everyone on Webkinz, that purchases a pet code, is paying REAL MONEY to play this game. Deluxe players do pay more, but this is NOT the real world, where it is the “Haves” vs the “Have Nots”. And, sadly, they probably will have a couple of the new designs for Deluxe Only or ePoints. It would just be nice if EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE the really pretty and cool items Webkinz designs, would be available for EVERYONE, and not for the Deluxe Players only! And, by the way, I’m a Deluxe member, and I STILL think Webkinz could be a little more fair to ALL players.

  9. webkinz0704 says:

    If anyone at GANZ is reading this please ALL of these amazing outfit available to FREE PLAYERS as there are A LOT of FREE PLAYERS that would LOVE to be able to purchase these AMAZING CLOTHES!!! :D

    • USAPepper says:

      Well, that’s how they get you to get another pet ;D

    • Marissa76 says:

      I agree wholeheartedly! Considering that these were based on designs made by players (FOR FREE), it should be available to all Webkinz users for free as well! I think for Ganz from a business perspective, it’s also more encouraging for people to submit if they know that they have the possibility to use their design in game the same was anyone else can. Overall, I think Ganz should keep any fan made item available for freemium players, similar to how the 2016 Cookie Contest Designs are all available to freemium players (they are a food, but for some reason the bake sale brownies are not available to freemium players, so I think this “rule” of fan-designed items being available can apply to non-food’s as well).

    • kaye10 says:

      if anyone @ GANZ is reading this, can the rest of us PLEASE BE ABLE TO PURCHASE THE FREE PETS???? I KEEP ASKING, CAN SOMEONE PLEASE LET US KNOW? thanks, k.

      • JoyfulLark says:

        I’m not sure what you mean by free. The only “free” pets are ones you get during Special Events (like the Decade Dragon), or ones you get from tokens during promo events like the Snowy Retriever if you collected enough tokens in the month period. Some people get one free pet code included if they buy something like a bunch of eStore points or a year of Deluxe membership. New players can choose a “free” pet if they make a new account. Otherwise all the pets cost money to buy.

    • Ellen1970 says:

      I have tried to send Deluxe Items to my friends who are Free Players but it wont let me. Since I cannot do that I just sell them or stick them is room/closet to be forgotten.

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