Sneak Peek: Free Gift For Kiwi Parrot Owners!


The new Kiwi Parrot is SO cute! And it’s going to be even cuter when it adds a couple of Cute Kiwi items to its home. This weekend, May 14 and 15, Kiwi Parrot owners can collect a free Cute Kiwi ?? Box in Webkinz Classic!


If you own one of these sweet parrots, be sure to visit Today’s Activities, which can be accessed under the Things To Do menu and click on your free gift. Then drag the gift box into your pet’s room to have a random Cute Kiwi item added to your Dock.




Want to adopt a Kiwi Parrot or a Cute Kiwi ?? Box? You can find them both at Ganz eStore and in the Webkinz Classic WShop!




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5 Responses to Sneak Peek: Free Gift For Kiwi Parrot Owners!

  1. pinkies0508 says:

    my account glitched and wouldn’t let me claim mine today. i emailed customer service but no reply yet :(

  2. mochidochi says:

    Those are all so cute!

  3. Dolan says:

    Thank you! My Kiwi Parrot got the bed this morning! Very happy as this is the prize that I most wanted!

  4. cardinal4562 says:

    Thank you for the gift. In the Cute Kiwi ?? Box, I received the ‘Cute Kiwi Trampoline.’ It’s adorable!

  5. Alexandrite_Ledger says:

    Ooohhh, this is awesome! My mom just got this cute little guy yesterday & she named him “Perry”!! =D

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