Sneak Peek: Meet the Mayor!



Mayor Goober will be returning to the Kinzville Park on the Webkinz Classic Desktop App for a special meet and greet event! From March 1 – 8, click on Goober to get a gift every day. The Mayor Goober Hologram has been available in the past, but there are three new gifts to collect: an Inflating Balloon Experiment, Mayor Goober Sidewalk Tile and a Kinzville Science Fair Trophy:



One random gift will be awarded each day. So, play every day for the chance to collect all four!



Which gift are you looking forward to collecting the most? Let us know in the comment section below…


19 Responses to Sneak Peek: Meet the Mayor!

  1. Honeybunny777 says:

    When are you going to fix the mail boxes? Every time I go into it, I get kicked out of Webkinz! Not happy!!!!!!

  2. Boneleg says:

    Oh my gosh we just did this balloon science demonstration in my class!! I am so excited to get a Webkinz one!

  3. shortordercook says:

    I love all of the prizes, but I think that my favorite is the Goober autographed sidewalk tile. I think that it would be really cool to have all of the Hosts and Webkinz Newz Team issue their own tiles. I’d love to have the “Webkinz Walk of Fame”!!! :)

  4. Alexandrite_Ledger says:

    Nice prices!!

  5. kalcan8 says:

    Great prizes! I am really hoping for that science fair trophy. I also can’t wait to see that inflating balloon experiment because who doesn’t love mixing baking soda and vinegar?!? I agree with many of the comments here about Goober as Mayor – he’s been a pleasant surprise and I really appreciate him. I would definitely reelect him if given the opportunity.

    • kalcan8 says:

      I took some time to watch the most recent Podkinz, and now my top wish item from the new batch of gifts from Mayor Goober, is definitely the inflating balloon experiment. Michael Webkinz demonstrated it in his room, and just like Mandy Webkinz, I think it’s really cool. I am really hoping for at least one. As other players have commented, it would be lovely if some of the random gift events would actually give us the opportunity to choose our gifts so we can either stock up on one we love, or collect the set for those who prefer that option. I am not sure why many gifting events are random. Maybe Ganz thinks that it encourages trading/gifting? Hopefully we will be able to gift in Next someday, as I prefer that over trading. Please consider removing some of the random, and giving each of us more choice. Thank you!

      • alucard says:

        @kalcan8 – I agree with you on this. I get so tired of getting multiples of the same item that I “do not” want, and very few (if any) of the items I “do” want. I have several accounts and have noticed that on one of my accounts I will get the same prize 4 out of 5 times. On another account I will get an almost equal amount of each prize. Then, on another account I might get all of the prizes but one. I would much rather pick which prize I would like to have each time. These are virtual items. None of them should be considered “exclusive”. They should all be available to all players. I do not enjoy The Trading Room. Like you, I love sending gifts to my Webkinz Friends. I really wish we could have the ability to pick the prize we want, or need. :-)

        • mkd61_mkd says:

          alucard let me know if you would like anymore items. I don’t have many of them but could send something let me know. We are friends. I am mamakinz10

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