Sneak Peek: Player Appreciation Day April 21!


Wow! There is so much to celebrate this month with Webkinz turning 15 on April 29, 2020! But on April 21, all of Webkinz will be celebrating YOU with our Player Appreciation Day! This month’s gift is an adorable, animated Confetti-Shooting hat!


This adorable hat is the perfect piece to wear to ring in Webkinz Day!


Please note: this item is not tradeable, sendable, or sellable. If you would like to add it to your Webkinz account, log in to (web only) on April 21, 2020 and visit Today’s Activities, which can be found in the Things To Do menu. Then click to collect your gift.


And remember, you can find lots of Webkinz Day specials at Ganz eStore!


So fab. So fun.


32 Responses to Sneak Peek: Player Appreciation Day April 21!

  1. CampMurdock says:

    My household has birthdays on the 21st. It’s nice webkinz is celebrating us. One of those birthdays is doing his celebrating in the UK, but two of his feline siblings will be celebrated at home. And now we’ll “have” party hats. :o)

  2. nanamama12 says:

    Fun party hat!

  3. Emilygirl022 says:

    Does anybody have extra Pioneer Bunk Bed and you send it to-Emilygirl0422

  4. 7debbie7 says:

    Adorable…Thanks Sophie!

  5. firstvisit says:

    ooo this is really cute!

  6. 1miruna says:

    are there more prizes of different colors or just one? the prize is superb. thank you very much for this award. I would like more such awards of different shapes and colors. the prize is very beautiful. love webkinz

  7. christopherobs says:

    Webkinz Team, can you please make 12 x 12 rooms and introduce the ability to sell rooms? Please, thank you so much for your kind consideration!

    • leafton3 says:

      this would be awesome! Great suggestion :)

    • Pink91999 says:

      I highly agree with this, I have had my account since 2008 and have many small rooms that now have nothing in them because I wish I could sell them.

    • anigodfr says:

      This is a wonderful idea! I have a lot of rooms that I’ve upgraded to large and now I have a bunch of unused rooms.

    • DingoBango says:

      ^^^^^^^ Yaaasss

    • CampMurdock says:

      Adding to this request, yes, please.

    • alucard says:

      I would LOVE this! I would put everything in my dock, sell what rooms I didn’t need, rearrange all the empty rooms, and then spend hours putting all the rooms back together! Ha! ONE thing I DO wish Webkinz would do, would be to make it where the room, or rooms, don’t move while you are trying to arrange a single room. When we are in “moving a room” mode, before you click off that button, why can’t we move rooms to an empty space BEFORE we put it back where it is at least “touching” another room? My room layout is sooo confusing, even for me! And I arranged it like that! Can’t find anything! LOL! I play Webkinz be cause I love to design rooms and, I like to actually “play” with the pets at times. We really need easier ways to do that and have more time doing it, instead of having to do all the “Family Fill The Heart” things that pop up ALL THE TIME! Maybe Webkinz could put a button where we could turn it off, if we didn’t want to be bothered while working on rooms, challenges, and other things. AND… I would LOVE to have 12 x 12 rooms! That really would be AWESOME! :-)

    • christopherobs says:

      Thank you ALL for your overwhelming support. I will try to be the first comment on every new post on Webkinz Newz so that Ganz may see our request. If you would be so kind to join me in supporting any future responses regarding room-building or comment yourself so that the kind Webkinz team may see in time for the May 6th update, I would be very grateful. Thank you to all players and the team at Webkinz!

      • Sally Webkinz says:

        Your suggestions have been seen. Please do not post on every page, as that would be considered spamming. Deleting rooms is already on our wish list, and you can be sure that we would be making announcements if any such features are being added.

  8. nanakinz5 says:

    LOL, that sounds great! I love it! Thanks, Ganz :D

  9. lilaclilyofthevalley says:

    Cute hat! I love the colors!

  10. Magarrinee says:

    Ooo fun! Thanks Webkinz!

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