Sneak Peek: Winter Shopping SPREE!



The Winter Shopping SPREE runs from January 13 – 21! Log into Webkinz (web OR mobile version) for FREE retro clothing for your pets and the chance to find 3 Bonus SPREE Rolls every day (5 Bonus Rolls for Deluxe Players).


Here’s what we’ll be giving away during this event:



Remember to look for the floating SPREE dice in Webkinz World during the Winter Shopping SPREE. If you see one click on it to get a FREE Bonus Roll for the Game of SPREE:



Play SPREE in the Games Arcade and use the credits you collect to trade for prizes when you make it to the mall.


Will you be joining us for the Winter Shopping SPREE? Please leave your comments below…


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  1. Marshy2u says:

    Dear Webkinz/Ganz, This is unrelated to the article but there’s something I really wanted to ask. I know you’re really busy and doing the best you can . . . but for the next project you work on, could you please let us be able to rename our Webkinz????? I named some of mine when I was really young, and to be quite honest the names are just ridiculous and I wish I could change them. I know I’m not the only one who wishes they could rename their Webkinz. I would be really grateful if you could allow us to do this and add this feature to Webkinz World! I think everyone would love it! Thanks.

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