Special Report With Sally Webkinz


Tis the season… for gingerbread! There’s nothing quite like these heavily spiced cookies to put me in the mood for the holidays. Most of the gingerbread in Webkinz World are pet specific foods, but there are a few treats that can be obtained in other ways.




So which gingerbread treat looks tastiest to you? I’m torn between the Gingerbread Roll and the Gingerbread Pancakes — nonstandard, for sure, but they both look so deliicous!

21 Responses to Special Report With Sally Webkinz

  1. ddamw says:

    They look really good to eat!

  2. esori7 says:

    Wow look at those pancakes!! That’s my favorite.

  3. sonicblue says:

    gingerbread cheese cake for sure

  4. Mokachan123 says:

    the gingerbread cheesecake is my favorite!

  5. ImaPepper says:

    Gingerbread? Yes, please! May I have the recipe for the gingerbread pancakes? :-)

  6. CaroleF says:

    A large plate of gingerbread pancakes for me, please!!

  7. machaela says:

    Love these Sally. Some I have never seen before!

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