Spring is Melting in the Clubhouse!


The new Sweet Spring Raccoon was on the trail of KinzCash coins that the Leprechaun had dropped on his way out of Kinzville. Then the raccoon made an amazing discovery! In the melting snow, the Sweet Spring Raccoon discovered a nest with three eggs in it! What could be inside the eggs?


The Sweet Spring Raccoon is determined to keep the eggs warm, but it could use some company. Stop by the Spring Melt room in the Clubhouse to visit the Sweet Spring Raccoon.

To thank you for your visit, the Sweet Spring Raccoon will give you a KinzCash tile that you can place on the floor of your pets’ room! Visit the Sweet Spring Raccoon every day from March 18 to 31!


But what’s inside the eggs? Let’s hope we find out!

30 Responses to Spring is Melting in the Clubhouse!

  1. ojibwa says:

    I’m gonna put a piggy bank on that tile!

  2. lemony says:

    Thank you for this lovely surprise..Killing two birds with one stone..Sophie in the Park and this cutie in the Clubhouse :) YAY GANZ TEAM

  3. Sonari says:

    Fun!! I love these adventures in kinzworld! Very creative tile too. I can already think of so many uses!

  4. Davids1lilpixie says:

    Nifty! Thank you Webkinz!

  5. gingerdare says:

    I love this tile!! It would work on a pirate treasure beach, a bank/Kinzcash room, a medieval/throne room, or a leprechaun room. Thank you so much!!!!!!!

  6. monsterhighrules323 says:

    I love the coin tile!

  7. 7debbie7 says:

    Cute KinzCash Tile…Many Thanks To The Little Spring Raccoon!

  8. gml1939 says:

    I expect it’s those little goslings :-)

    • Beckinz8 says:

      Wouldn’t it be wild if it worked this way in real life – yellow goslings hatch from yellow eggs, orange from orange ones, and purple from purple ones? I’d buy a purple pair and breed them and have an entire purple goose farm! Purple goose kingdom! Purple goose universe! Mwaaaa-ha-ha! It’s probably good that it doesn’t actually work that way. :-/

      • WildboysAcademy says:

        Would you teach them to speak in purple prose?

        • Beckinz8 says:

          ?_? I don’t know what purple prose is, but I’m a huge purple fan, so I am curious. *runs off to look it up* Yeah, I could see myself occasionally writing purple prose, but not really speaking it. I have been described as a flowery writer on occasion. As far as purple goes, I am game for just about anything. We grew eggplant in our vegetable garden, and I am not even a huge fan of eggplant, but (you guessed it!) the ripe eggplants are purple and their flowers are a gorgeous blue purple, so the eggplant stays! We share with neighbors and get creative in our cooking. Always looking for new purple flowers for our sunny gardens.

          • Anathema says:

            I try to give my dragons names that start with AU since that’s the symbol for gold. So I have Aubergine on my list. Hoping for another Very Purple dragon to use it for. (Honestly, ganz…spring trios in the future…adorable tiny dragons. Pleeeese.)

        • rosesdad says:

          LOL! Good one Wildboys!

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