Super School Community Challenge Day 5!


Edited to add: By bandstand we mean the stage. You’ve almost reached today’s goal already. :)


You did it! You completed the challenge! Here is your code for a


Cafeteria Tray



Find today’s challenge above! And come back tomorrow morning after 9:30 am to find out if you reached the goal!


Missed previous days’ codes? Find them here:

Bowl of Apples W24V-7MVR-PGV7-37XJ

Big City Backpack W24U-WL35-8M5Y-PAQ6

Ms. Cowoline Plush W247-TP9U-DYN6-TDHY


Log into your Webkinz account and enter this code at the Code Shop, which can be accessed through the ‘Things To Do’ menu! This code expires at midnight EST November 30, 2019.

50 Responses to Super School Community Challenge Day 5!

  1. KarenaJ says:

    Off topic question- I just acquired the Time Machine from the exclusive item pool at the Wish Factory, and was surprised to find it, does nothing? Not a bed, or a seat, or a vehicle, or at least animated? Disappointing…

    • tink1706 says:

      My grandma has wanted it forever tinygma . She spent tons trying to get it , So enjoy and glad to see someone still got it .

    • duckess1 says:

      I have had my time machine a long time and it worked really well. The pet would sit in it and it would raise up like it would fly away. So darling. Has not worked since the Big Update. Someone should at least make a note on those items that are not working or stop selling them. I don’t think they know what to do with all that stuff. When they first made the change over they fixed a lot of items. But I think it was the easy ones. It is very sad and annoying to waste money on items that do not work.

    • gbjockey2 says:

      It used to work as a seat a long time ago and would float off the groung with the pet in it but after Webkinz X it became useless.

      • alucard says:

        I have a Time Machine and it USE to work, too. Now, nothing. It doesn’t raise up and float like it did at first and, like duckess1 said, your pet could sit in it. Now…nothing. It just sits there. :-( It would be wonderful if they could fix it, as it is really a lovely piece. Since it no longer works, I have it in my Museum Room next to my T-Rex skeleton. Looks really cool in the museum. :-) I’m glad I have one. May have to get another, just in case they stop having it in the Wish Factory. :-)

        • KarenaJ says:

          That is hilarious how you put it next to the T-Rex, like a relic lol. Thanks for the responses everyone. I was away from Webkinz when the whole “X” thing happened. I know several things that use to work didn’t work when we came back. I had a night and day chair that I loved, it turned depending on whether it was day time or night time, now it’s only day time it doesn’t change but it is still nice. From the Spree Mall, I got a keyboard that says it plays music but it doesn’t. Also a snow maker from POTM that doesn’t blow or the Wacky bubble blower either, which was one of my favorites.

          • Beckinz8 says:

            I have that keyboard too and I remember when it used to play music. Do you know if there is a list somewhere of all of the items that are still not working? I have a pet-of-the-month bag from which I am afraid to choose a gift for fear of selecting a broken item. Maybe I will send my question to Fiona, or kinzpost. I really want to open that gift, but POTM is a rare occurrence for me and I really want to make it count.

    • chocolatemermaid8 says:

      KarenaJ~Hi! I have the time machine and it used to be super fun! It was animated. But now mine just sits in the room and does nothing as well. It used to light up and rise in the air. I think when all those things stopped working in Webkinz world and they were fixing them, this was one of those items. Not sure if they are still working on the items that don’t work or not. It is disappointing! I am surprised that they have it in the wish factory and it still does not work. I check mine every now and then to see if it has started working~and still…nothing.

      • KarenaJ says:

        Thanks. I really hope they will continue to fix things. They did recently fix the yang yang blossom plant, which I was so grateful for. It’s probably my favorite plant in WW.

  2. tinygma says:

    webkinz NEW AD’S at bottom of screen causing headaches Academy the FLASHING and SCROLLING screen making it HARD TO PLAY !!!

    • outgoinglyshy says:

      Yes!!! They cover the dock even if they’re invisible except for a tiny X to close them. Very annoying.

    • alucard says:

      Is this happening in the online Webkinz or on the Desk Top App? I’m not having any issues with the “New Ad’s”….yet. I really really do NOT like all these ads! Wish there was a way not to see any of them! If you’re a Full Member or a Deluxe Member, you, like me, have already paid A LOT of REAL money to play this game. WHY do we still have to see SO MANY annoying ads? I’m not going to buy what they are trying to sell, simply because the ads are annoying!

  3. Beckinz8 says:

    Thank you to friends who gifted apples and added to the fun of this challenge! Now, everybody brush and don’t forget to floss! A healthy mouth is a happy mouth!

  4. Springshimmer says:

    Ooh, nice job everyone! I love these bowl of apples! They look pretty cute for a decoration, I have used some of them before for decorating! ^-^

  5. alucard says:

    We did it! Thanks to all who bought Apples! I love this bowl of apples! Thank you, Ganz/Webkinz Team! :-)

  6. polo says:

    ok, I have to be honest this next prize is my favorite!!!

  7. 48Becky says:

    Brush those teeth today! Haha! We have so easily got this!

  8. plentyofpenguins22 says:

    I’m making a room, but I can’t get the Antique Iron Stove because I’m not a Deluxe Member. Can someone please send one to plentyofpenguins?

  9. KarenaJ says:

    We are always brushing lots of teeth in WW, this one should be a snap everyone :)

  10. KSC says:

    Awesome! I love the bowl of apples. Good luck today everyone!

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