The Lil Otter Pup is still Lonely


The Otter Pup had planned so much fun for the Lil Otter Pup in its first month in Webkinz World, but the Lil Otter Pup still seemed to be feeling a little down. Finally the Otter Pup decided to ask the Lil Otter Pup if it was still feeling lonely despite all the activities they had enjoyed together. Finally, the Lil Otter Pup looked up at the Otter Pup and asked sadly, “Where are all the other Lil pets like me? I saw lots of other pets at the WShop, but I didn’t see any like me.”


Oh no, the Lil Otter Pup was feeling lonely for other Lil Webkinz! The Lil’ Otter Pup didn’t realize that were lots of other Lil’ pets but that they could only be found in one place, and that was Ganz eStore!


The Otter Pup had been so busy showing the Lil Otter Pup around Webkinz, it hadn’t even occurred to it to show the Lil Otter Pup around Ganz eStore where there are lots of Lil Webkinz! Virtual Lil’ bird, fish, and other Lil’ pets can all be found at Ganz eStore!


When the Otter Pup introduces the Lil Otter Pup to the eStore and all the cute Lil pets there, the Lil Otter Pup is going to have so many Lil’ playmates!

28 Responses to The Lil Otter Pup is still Lonely

  1. rachell2020 says:

    anyone else not able to log into their estore account today?

  2. noodle22 says:

    my lil otter pup has plenty of other lil pets to play with in our family :)

  3. Marissa76 says:

    My first Webkinz was a Lil’ Kinz so the otter pup makes me very happy. I would love more Lil Kinz that are naturally smaller animals like the hummingbird in the future!

  4. piggitime says:

    Another psychic here. I knew this was where it was headed.

  5. megamom12 says:

    (facepalm) Why didn’t I think of that! He can always come to visit either megamom12 or nanamama12! I have lots of Lil’ pets for him to play with! Birds, fish, cats, dogs, even seahorses! I still think a pet buddy is a good idea as well. Why not the best of both world for our little darlings!

  6. kidzrock137 says:

    Aww. I wish I had known sooner. The Lil Otter Pup can always feel free to visit my family of lil kinz. I have over ten lil kinz that I am sure that the lil otter pup will be happy to play with and befriend during the process. If that isn’t enough, then the Lil Otter Pup can always visit the clubhouse, other webkinz families, or Kinzville park to meet new lil kinz.

  7. 1Emerald1 says:

    Yep, friends make all the difference!

  8. lucinda5050kinz says:

    i have a lil webkinz from 4 years ago when i got one on my vacation, he looks likemy grandmom’s dog charlie, so i named him charlie. hes really CUTE!

  9. gingerdare says:

    Aww! Did you not come to the clubhouse?? I have 2 Lil Webkinz from when they were actually sold as toys.

  10. Unikitty16 says:

    Poor lil otter pup

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