Parent’s FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do we add a new room?


To add a new room, just click the “House Map” button in your Webkinz Pet’s room and then click “Add Room.” Click on a free square on your map and then choose the type of room you’d like to buy. Click “Buy” to buy the room. You’ll see a message that asks if you’d definitely like to buy the room. Click “Yes” to buy the room.


How do we decorate the room?


To add things to a room, please drag them from the Dock into the room. When a green square appears under the item, you can let it go. Please remember that not all items can go into every type of room.


How do we adopt a new Webkinz Pet onto the same account?


To adopt a new Webkinz Pet onto your child’s current account, just log in as usual and then click on the Adoption Center on your map. Ms. Birdy will help your child adopt the newest pet. Please make sure to help your child with any adoptions.


Does my child get anything on their birthday?


We do not send anything out for our player’s birthdays, but we do send out birthday cake on each Webkinz Pet’s birthday. The birthday cake appears in the Dock. To see when your Webkinz Pet’s birthday is, click on the “My Pets” icon next to the pet picture in the Dock.


Should we adopt our Webkinz Pets onto one account, or multiple accounts?


If your child has more than one Webkinz Pet, we always suggest adopting them onto a single account. When you adopt more than one Webkinz Pet onto an account, you also get special bonuses! You get a new room for your second through tenth Webkinz pet, an exclusive item with your second Webkinz Pet and beyond, and a Superbed with your tenth, fifteenth, twentieth pet and every fifth Webkinz Pet beyond that! Adopting more than one Webkinz Pet onto your account is a GREAT idea! Please note that adopting hundreds of Webkinz Pets on a single account will potentially slow down your gameplay experience if you only have the minimum system requirements.



79 Responses to Parent’s FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. lvewoods says:

    Where can I check about trading medallions, we exchange some of them. There is no option to select the pet in question. The medallions were subtract and weren’t add to any other pet. Please let me know how this work. Thank you.

  2. Savigny2 says:

    My account showed an expiration date of Dec 12, 2020. So, why is it only Dec 11, 2020 and my account has already been changed to a free account? (This happened to my sister too, that her account changed to a free account 1 day before the expiration date that was listed on her pet’s screen). We’re feeling cheated a day. :-(

  3. devilsCounselor says:

    Is there a way I can change the name associated with my child’s Webkinz account?

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