Parent’s FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do we earn KinzCash?

There are many ways to earn KinzCash, including the following:

  1. Play games at the Arcade or Tournament Arena.
  2. Answer trivia questions at Quizzy’s
  3. Spin the Wishing Well and Wheel of WOW in the Arcade.
  4. Watch the Today’s Activities page for chances to do special activities.
  5. Do jobs at the Employment Office.
  6. Adopt more Webkinz Pets! You get KinzCash with each new Webkinz Pet.


What can we do in the room?


Your child can do lots of things in their Webkinz Pet’s room! Including:

  • Play with the pet
  • Your child can purchase various interactive items (like vehicles, trampolines, or pools) and the Webkinz Pet can play on these items.
    • Cook
  • If your child purchases a stove, blender, or sandwich maker, they can drag three foods into the appliance and try to make various foods. There are cookbooks available in the Fun Stuff section of the W Shop.
    • Invite friends to visit
  • By using the KinzChat cell phone, your child can invite friends over to chat and play in their Webkinz Pet’s room.
    • Play games
  • Games in the W Shop’s Fun Stuff section are for the room. Your child can play some of these games against the computer, and others against friends.
    • Decorate
  • Your child can decorate their rooms in any way they like. Remember; if your child wants to add a new room, just use the ‘House Map’ button and click ‘Add Room.’ Click on a blank space (where you’d like the new room to go), and click on the type of room you’d like. You can use the house map to jump to this new room.


Where do I enter a Feature Code?


You enter a Feature Code in the Code Shop.




79 Responses to Parent’s FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. lvewoods says:

    Where can I check about trading medallions, we exchange some of them. There is no option to select the pet in question. The medallions were subtract and weren’t add to any other pet. Please let me know how this work. Thank you.

  2. Savigny2 says:

    My account showed an expiration date of Dec 12, 2020. So, why is it only Dec 11, 2020 and my account has already been changed to a free account? (This happened to my sister too, that her account changed to a free account 1 day before the expiration date that was listed on her pet’s screen). We’re feeling cheated a day. :-(

  3. devilsCounselor says:

    Is there a way I can change the name associated with my child’s Webkinz account?

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