Last Chance To Catch Snowflakes!



Today (January 10th) is your last chance to find floating Snowflakes on but there are still Winterfest Events running until the end of the month. You can catch 5 Snowflakes today but you can also find a bonus floating Snowflake right here on


Even though the Snowflake event ends today, Snowflake Cookies will still be available to purchase with eStore points from the W-Shop (you’ll find them in the NEW & PROMOS section of the shop). Every time you feed a Snowflake Cookie to your pet you’ll win one of the following Winterfest prizes:



Don’t forget, Winterfest runs in Webkinz World until the end of the month and you won’t want to miss a thing, including the Winter Shopping SPREE! CLICK HERE to learn more about each event.


How many Snowflakes did you find this year? Were you happy with the prizes you won? Please leave your comments below…


51 Responses to Last Chance To Catch Snowflakes!

  1. Ikawolf says:

    Sad to see them go, it feels like the event began only yesterday! However, my pets are now equipped with plenty of ice skates to last the rest of the winter. ;)

  2. ImaPepper says:

    Aww…those snowflakes sure were fun–I’m a little sad to see them go, lol. Thanks for a fun event! I found six every day of the event (yay!), and I won at least one of each prize (double-yay!). Now I need to build a room or two using my new prizes…the fun just continues, doesn’t it? Hope everyone found the prizes they wanted–looking forward to next year! :-)

  3. linasiara123 says:

    Aweh I’m sad to see this event gone so early! I was hoping to get more rink side boards :(

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