Webkinz Time Capsules!


Webkinz Day was just the beginning of the fun! Make sure you log in every day, starting today, through May 8th to receive special Webkinz Time Capsules!


These time capsules were first revealed in a mysterious letter found by Ms. Birdy in a milk bottle on the doorstep of the Adoption Center. You can read the earlier Newz article here.


Starting TODAY, you’ll be able to log into your account every day until May 8th to receive a time capsule from a past year in Webkinz World!


Each time capsule contains 2 NEW prizes: an item honoring a special event from that year, and a puzzle piece that you can use to reveal the identity of Ms. Birdy’s secret admirer!


Remember, you MUST log in to your account EVERY DAY to receive each time capsule:



And don’t forget to also check your KinzPost every day! You’ll find a new poem from Ms. Birdy’s secret admirer, explaining each time capsule’s theme!


Have YOU opened your first time capsule? Let us know in the comments below!


153 Responses to Webkinz Time Capsules!

  1. hempy2001 says:

    It defiantly says dr and Ms so here’s my theory;The middle one will say quack, and they will get married. Then, when webkinz x is released ms bird will retire to be with her husband and webkinz will introduce a new adoption system, that doesn’t have ms bird xx

  2. lilabster2004 says:

    Wow! I LOVE the time capsules! the prizes are AWESOME!

  3. blackhawkmmj says:

    it is dr. quack! if you look in google images there is a picture of dr. quack and ms. birdy next to a tree with the puzzle on it!!

    • myruthb says:

      OMG Yeah! At first I knew it was Dr. Quack, but then the picture had me confused. Now it is confirmed! Yay! BTW if you are missing a piece but can’t tell, you should have 2 empty spaces left… I think… I might have missed a day! O.O

  4. vanboingy says:

    I missed a day, is there any way to get the missing capsule through the wstore or the estore?

  5. 14rachel41 says:

    I missed the Year 7 time capsule :(

  6. magda says:

    Dear Gennelle, I was wondering if there is a way to get a missing capsule? I am missing number 7. I love playing webkinz! Please, I need help!

    • Gennelle Webkinz says:

      Hi magda. You’ll have to log in every day until May 8 to ensure you get the capsule. Otherwise, you can try the Trading Forums (link here) to see if another player will send you the items from a certain day’s Time Capsule.

  7. CrookedTailTiger says:

    I found a time capsule in my yard once, from 1950! Wowzers!

  8. 143w says:

    It’s got to be Dr Quack! This is so much fun.

  9. sisterpooh says:

    i never got my gift box on webkinz day i loged in and out 7 times and never got any thing please help

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