Webkinz Time Capsules!


Webkinz Day was just the beginning of the fun! Make sure you log in every day, starting today, through May 8th to receive special Webkinz Time Capsules!


These time capsules were first revealed in a mysterious letter found by Ms. Birdy in a milk bottle on the doorstep of the Adoption Center. You can read the earlier Newz article here.


Starting TODAY, you’ll be able to log into your account every day until May 8th to receive a time capsule from a past year in Webkinz World!


Each time capsule contains 2 NEW prizes: an item honoring a special event from that year, and a puzzle piece that you can use to reveal the identity of Ms. Birdy’s secret admirer!


Remember, you MUST log in to your account EVERY DAY to receive each time capsule:



And don’t forget to also check your KinzPost every day! You’ll find a new poem from Ms. Birdy’s secret admirer, explaining each time capsule’s theme!


Have YOU opened your first time capsule? Let us know in the comments below!


153 Responses to Webkinz Time Capsules!

  1. Loveyscupcake2014 says:

    awe man i only got the last one would anyone be willing to send me the rest i will give you a item in return?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. kitkat8765 says:

    I have all of the puzzle pieces put together. But how do we actually “solve” the puzzle? I was selling items to the wshop today and accidentally sold the tree that came with the capsule. I was trying to sell another tree and got them mixed up. Do I have to have the tree to solve the puzzle? Can I buy a tree if so? What is the prize one gets for solving the puzzle?

  3. goty2003 says:

    i found out what the puzzle says it says Dr.Q+Ms.B which means Dr.Quack+Ms.Birdy

  4. ackermane3 says:

    The puzzle is a heart from Ms. Birdy and Dr. Quack’s date is 2013

  5. buddyrudy3 says:

    Does anyone have any extra puzzle pieces from the 8th year and the ninth year, that they could send me? I also need the prizes. My user name is Buddyrudy3. I can send you deluxe pieces if you need them for any of the themes. Thanks a bunch!

  6. andreia645 says:

    it is the new doctor and it think its a girl

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