Trick Or Treat Street Available Now!


The much anticipated Trick or Treat Street room theme is finally for sale at the W Shop! You can find this year’s Halloween room theme in the THEMES M-Z section of the shop (it’s the first theme listed in that section)… and it’s all available for KinzCash!



I wanted to thank everyone who had a hand in designing this theme. It was fun reading through all your comments whenever we posted concept drawings. We really took each comment into consideration, and I hope everyone is happy with the final designs.



I also wanted to remind everyone that the Haunted Castle room theme is available this year as well, but you’ll only find it in the MOBILE ZONE section of the W Shop on the Webkinz mobile app. This theme was designed to work with the rare Medieval room theme that you can only find in the Curio Shop.



I can’t wait to see all the room designs that you guys come up with using these themes. Please feel free to email me screenshots of your Halloween room designs. You can email them to Anyone who has a screenshot featured in one of my room design posts is eligible to become a finalist the next time we hold a Room Design Awards.



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27 Responses to Trick Or Treat Street Available Now!

  1. cool4WHILE says:

    Wow, I stupidly missed these

  2. corathefox says:

    I just stared playing webkinz and so i cant buy these before halloween… :( does anyone have extra halloween homes? my user is corabunnygirl so send me one or two maybe? tysm!!

  3. WinterFaith says:

    Is anyone else having trouble logging into the mobile app? It was working fine on my tablet for weeks. Tonight when I try to log in it says I need to go to the app store for an updated version except auto updates are on, there is no indication there has been an update since July 2019, & if I un-install & reinstall the app (after clearing the cache) it still doesn’t work. I even tried it on my phone & it’s the same issue. This is VERY disappointing as I was hoping to buy some haunted castle pieces.

  4. alucard says:

    I “like” the Trick or Treat theme, but I don’t “love” it. It’s too….bright. Don’t like the colors at all! It’s HALLOWEEN, not Easter! The whole theme needed a more “Spooky” feel. For those that don’t like or enjoy Halloween, that’s fine. But for those of us that love Halloween, we wanted it to LOOK like Halloween! I bought a few pieces, and am making a room/street, but it’s just NOT Halloween. Very disappointed that the original design was “dumbed down”.

  5. ImaPepper says:

    I bought everything in the Trick or Treat Street theme today–LOVE the doorbell and spooky sounds on the houses! Everything is so fun–thank you!

  6. 1Emerald1 says:

    The theme looks so good! Going shopping.

  7. Eilish says:

    I preferred the original concept drawings. I bought everything because I looked forward to the Trick or treat street theme the first time it was offered. My eye doesn’t see Halloween in these items. I put the costume shop in my city street room and covered the Jack o lanterns in front of the shop with flowers. I will do the same with the houses I bought and use the tree in my autumn themed park. Sorry to those who wanted it changed and love the way it is now. I just don’t see Halloween trick or treat streets here.

  8. Scorpio says:

    Really love this time of the year in Webkinz, so much to do and lots of new things. Love the new Halloween theme, thanks art team and those who made suggestions.

  9. wootsan0913 says:

    My Halloween street is ready for trick or treaters. Happy Halloween to everyone.

  10. pinkJess says:

    So excited!

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