Ultimate Collector Items!


When an item is retired, that means it is no longer available unless you can find another player willing to trade it.


Some of the oldest retired items were originally supposed to be “toys” but looked more like clothing, like the Baseball Hat, Figure Skates, Hockey Skates and the Toy Tool Belt. These items could be placed in a room, but weren’t at all interactive. Once pet clothing was added to the world, these “toys” were retired to prevent any confusion.


One of the first clothing items to be retired were the WZ Jeans, which were given out for a special promotion back in 2006.


Now they have earned the distinction of being part of the ultimate Webkinz collector items!



155 Responses to Ultimate Collector Items!

  1. mwah says:

    i want the jeans theyre so cute

  2. nicetigress says:

    I really want the Hockey Skates, Figure Skates, and the Baseball Hat.

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