Update on Flash End-of-Life




With December 2020 approaching, we wanted to give you an update to the future of Webkinz. Back in May 2019, we released the Webkinz Desktop App, and later in the year we released the Mac version. These versions did still use the Flash Player, just without a browser.


We are pleased to announce that we will soon be releasing a NEW Desktop App that no longer uses Flash Player at all. This version will allow you to play Webkinz for years to come!


And there is no need to wait. By downloading and installing the current Desktop App, you will automatically be upgraded to the new version as soon as it is ready.


We at Ganz are very proud of Webkinz and have no intention of a little thing like Flash getting in the way of your fun! We will continue to support Webkinz with new items, new pets and all of your favorite events.


Download the Desktop Application now, and have fun in Webkinz World!


165 Responses to Update on Flash End-of-Life

  1. anthonyblakely6 says:

    Will Webkinz world app on desktop update as soon as flash ends in December or do we have to wait for a while before the new version comes into effect and updates it? Sorry I sound dense here. LOL

  2. frozenanna2 says:

    Hey guys!!!! I figured out how to Minimize the Webkinz Desktop App!!! Ok so it’s very very simple, you just click (alt, and “space”) At the same time then, there will be a small setup at the top of the computer screen then, press “minimize” the Minimize icon should look like this, _ Minimize. If you have any questions, lmk. I have to tell you guys something, my cat was on the key board, and that’s how I figured out how to minimize it. LOL. It’s a very good cat.

  3. g2u3c4c5i says:

    If the updated app no longer requires flash, why not keep the website running with the same update?

  4. bewhiskered says:

    I know I’m late but this made me smile. You’ve been working hard toward this I’m sure. Thank you!

  5. mannm9 says:

    So if you have a chrome laptop, what do you do? I currently only have that one and would love to continue to get the full experience. Been playing since I was 9 and now in my 20′s. What can I do???

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