Update on Flash End-of-Life




With December 2020 approaching, we wanted to give you an update to the future of Webkinz. Back in May 2019, we released the Webkinz Desktop App, and later in the year we released the Mac version. These versions did still use the Flash Player, just without a browser.


We are pleased to announce that we will soon be releasing a NEW Desktop App that no longer uses Flash Player at all. This version will allow you to play Webkinz for years to come!


And there is no need to wait. By downloading and installing the current Desktop App, you will automatically be upgraded to the new version as soon as it is ready.


We at Ganz are very proud of Webkinz and have no intention of a little thing like Flash getting in the way of your fun! We will continue to support Webkinz with new items, new pets and all of your favorite events.


Download the Desktop Application now, and have fun in Webkinz World!


223 Responses to Update on Flash End-of-Life

  1. icy10108 says:

    I want to be able to play the full version of the game on mobile. I can’t afford a phone and a computer. I miss doing everything the site had to offer. Also, it’s not fair that there’s SO MANY things that you can only get if you use real money. The real money prices are ridiculous since it’s only virtual stuff. And this game is aimed towards kids. Kids don’t have real money. It should be only a small percentage of things that cost real world money (like pets, and maybe four or five themes) because it’s not fair that people who have real money get more fun out of a virtual game. Please at least make more things available on mobile. I can’t go yo the eoctor, the wish factory, kinsville academy, the park, the garden center, or the trading place which Im not even sure exists anymore. I also can’t get to Todays News in a way that will let me get prizes.

    • abmol says:

      basically every game has stuff that costs real money so how is webkinz any different? its how they make money also do you realize how much a phone can run? webkinz would prob overheat it if they added all the stuff from the desktop app lol

  2. unikitty11_ says:

    I have a question can the Webkinz Team make the Desktop available for Tablets because I really want to play the Desktop App on my Tablet but it’s not avaible on it ): Can you maybe make it avaible for Tablet players maybe in the future?

  3. Solsticewolfdog says:

    On the browser app I can’t print anything, is this just a problem i’m having?

  4. MarAnnRon says:

    Hey, I’m having trouble logging into my account. I made it recently but it’s saying the password I’m using is wrong. How would I be able to fix this so I don’t have to make a new account again?

  5. rianaj says:

    Im confused. I have a macbook pro and I can’t figure out how to access my deluxe account. which browser is webkinz available on and how to login and It actually work?

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      None. All browsers have discontinued support for Flash Player and Adobe has deactivated the plug-in. You will need to download the Desktop App from webkinz.com to continue playing.

  6. tsnlvratsycamore says:

    My laptop is an Acer Chromebook 15 that uses Chrome rather than Windows. Will that be a problem? I did download the new desktop version but I cannot open it. I will be buying a computer with Windows soon but will Chrome do until then?

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      Unfortunately, the Desktop App is only compatible with Windows and Mac. You can probably download the Webkinz Classic mobile app from the Play Store in the meantime, though

      • tsnlvratsycamore says:

        Thank you, Sally, for the expected reply. I do not want to spend money on an iPad or iPhone so I will buy either a laptop or an all-in-one desktop with Windows. I may be without Webkinz for a while but once I have Windows I will be back in business!

      • BUTCHDAVID says:

        Will the desktop app ever be available with Chrome? Otherwise I lose access to most of the features, since few things are available on the classic mobile app.

        • Sally Webkinz says:

          They’re hoping to have a solution for Chromebook at some point, but it won’t be fast or any time soon.

          • MMTaffyM says:

            BUTCHDAVID If I recall correctly, the formatting for the Chromebooks is a lot different than what has already been used for Webkinz. A lot of the features are not currently able to coincide with the layout of the coding of Chromebooks. I was disappointed with this, too, as my cousin can’t login from her Chromebook, but I was very excited for the Mac release, as her family has a Mac.

  7. lunanightcore says:

    is this new desktop version going to be the be the 3D desktop version because i do not like how you have to start with a new animal and not keep having the ones you have on the old desktop version.

  8. 11auntie says:

    Is the final version ready yet for the iMac desktop? If not, when will it be? I tried to download the initial one many times and was able to download the icon, but whenever I clicked to open it I was told I needed to download Flash. Whatever direction I followed failed, so I gave up and have been waiting for the final Flashless version. That seems to be available for OS now but I don’t see any date for the desktop.

  9. TABLECLOTH58 says:

    I would really appreciate to have the app updated for Mac0S as the iphone version doesn’t have nearly half the things the full game offers. It doesn’t even have the option to switch pets from the downbar. I have spent a lot of money on webkinz and would like to keep playing it.

  10. TUTZA says:

    When will this no-flash Webkinz desktop version be available? Cause right now I only see the adobe one

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