UPDATE: Webkinz Road Trip Map



**PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS POST IS FROM 2011. There is no Road Trip planned in 2014-2015** – Webkinz Newz Team



Hi everyone!

There seems to be an issue with our Webkinz Road Trip Map. As a result, this has caused events to show up on the map that we’re not attending this year.

Please note: We are NOT attending the California State Fair. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.  The Webkinz Road Trip Map will be fixed to reflect the correct dates in a few minutes.

The next stop on the Webkinz Road Trip Van Tour is July 16th at Richard’s Crafts in Livermore, CA. We hope to see you there!

120 Responses to UPDATE: Webkinz Road Trip Map

  1. americasgal says:

    Please come to maine

  2. herpderp says:

    i wish they came to scotland:(

  3. Peyton says:

    i want to know the date for georgia on the 2012 road trip map because it passed :( im beggigng my parnets so wish me luck to say yes! XD

  4. ZoieZoie says:

    When I was coming home from my horse show today, I saw the Webkinz road trip van!!!

  5. aleem says:

    is the road trip map gone?

  6. mala6 says:

    I’ve never been any where to see the van so I hope it comes to virginia.

  7. cbayse says:

    Hello hefish66, That is a very interesting question, The Treasure hunt contest ends tomorro and I’ve been looking for that map for 2 days. I’ve clicked on every photo and page in the Road Trip section. To the person that stated they only go around the United States, New England is part of the United States. That’s the area where the Pilgrams landed. I hope they come to Virginia and North Carolina in 2012.

  8. hefish66 says:

    Where is the map?

  9. kanyen says:

    neat! sooo its like a traveling carnival.

  10. KIttyOfTheNile says:

    You need to fix this page I can’t complete the treasure hunt without it! :(

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