Webkinz and Pet of the Month Prize Pool Updates

Updates are coming to the Webkinz and Pet of the Month Prize Pools during maintenance on February 10!


The Webkinz Prize Pool contains the prizes you win for logging in and spinning the Wheel of WOW a certain number of times.




The Pet of the Month prizes are found in the Pet of the Month loot bag, which you get for adopting the Pet of the Month.




Curious about what’s coming? Check page 2 for the new Webkinz Prize Pool prizes and page 3 for the new Pet of the Month prizes coming after maintenance on February 10!



92 Responses to Webkinz and Pet of the Month Prize Pool Updates

  1. marimar10 says:

    How many days does the Goody Gumdrops seeds take to harvest?

  2. popprock says:

    I really like the new prizes. Is Webkinz going to be down all day today for maintenance & if not, what time will it be back up? TIA.

  3. guineapigluver says:

    When will broken items like the snow blower get fixed on Webkinz?

  4. ArcanineEspeon says:

    Whew, no love lost here. Glad to see that soup go. I love soup but that…is not soup. It’s Oobleck at best, and you what happened when Oobleck rained down from the sky. The colorful cactus is cute, but I have a couple. Odd, thought, that it got retired just a couple days after I was on Webkinz Picture Guide and I thought, “oh, they had a smaller cactus that they retired. The one they have now isn’t very big, so how did the old one look?” I’d much rather collect a bunch of the rainbow rugs. Good thing I never chose my POTM items because I wasn’t sure what would be best. Rocky Lighthouse, here I come. And the balloon blower — I ruled it out long ago because I always had a hunch that it either didn’t work or didn’t look as cool as a POTM item should. Anyway, Feb 10 starts in 30 minutes so I better go get my lighthouse.

  5. mojo18x2 says:

    goody gumdrop tree for my choice.

  6. mojo18x2 says:

    glad the soup and cactus retiring i got a ton of both.

  7. szivarvany5 says:

    The casserole dish and toaster look like they would fit into a lot of kitchens. Lovely!

  8. sammy421 says:

    Oh no! I chose something else instead of the lighthouse for this months pet of the month prize. I didn’t know it was retiring. So sad to miss it but excited for new prizes too

  9. zeez02 says:

    Speaking of pet of the month prizes, I adopted my first pet of the month ever in January (Chillaxin’ Penguin :D) and I picked the snow blower prize. Is it actually supposed to do something? Because when I click on it, nothing happens. If I knew it wasn’t animated I wouldn’t have picked it.. or is it just broken?

  10. Gamerdude58 says:

    Good thing I saved my pet of the month gift box to open until now! I had the lighthouse but now I got the balloon blower! Phew!

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