365 Days of Give-A-Ways Continues…


Look for the Floaty-Clicky icon on Webkinznewz.com and click on it to claim your daily prize. The icon will look like the prize being awarded that day.


Check out this week’s prizes:



What’s your favorite 365 Days of Give-A-Ways prize so far? Please leave your comments below…


159 Responses to 365 Days of Give-A-Ways Continues…

  1. 48Becky says:

    YES!!!!! I got the water top today already!!!!! All the other times I have missed it. Now I finally have the whole water costume! Also looking forward to the green sofa and chair.

  2. maggy246810draoon2 says:

    if anyone gets the skirt plz send of gift it to me! I’m maggy246810!

  3. OutOnMoosePatrol says:

    If anyone has an extra set of pants for the water costume, and would like to gift me with them, I would be so appreciative! I was unable to log on at work on Monday and missed them. I’ll send you a great gift in return! My username is OutOnMoosePatrol.

  4. bella030511 says:

    Does anyone have an extra blue lamp that they wouldn’t mind sending to me? My username is bella030511! I can send things back if you want! Thanks :)

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