365 Days of Give-A-Ways Continues…


Look for the Floaty-Clicky icon on Webkinznewz.com and click on it to claim your daily prize. The icon will look like the prize being awarded that day.


Check out this week’s prizes:



What’s your favorite 365 Days of Give-A-Ways prize so far? Please leave your comments below…


159 Responses to 365 Days of Give-A-Ways Continues…

  1. rhyanabarker says:

    Will someone please send me the lamp from March 1st! I missed it. I will send you anything in return! I have many rare and exclusive items I would be willing to trade you! My user is rvb1994. Please and thank you!

  2. Kristy256 says:

    i really love those green couches! They will go with my new st patty day room!

  3. balloonfishy12 says:

    I have a hard time getting the prizes, I haven’t normally been getting them. Anyone else?

  4. gammatwila says:

    what if you miss one? I didn’t get the wet suit top!! grrrr

  5. Lovemybunney says:

    LOve the lamp

  6. teequ says:

    Never mind sorry guys

  7. HersheyDawg1 says:

    Cute I can’t wait for the “swim suit” i have a pool but no swim suits so this is exciting

  8. LinkUnion says:

    I really like the Zodiac outfits. Am so glad y’all are bringing these back! Haven’t seen them in forever!!

  9. comet2015 says:

    can some1 send me monday tuesday and wensdays prizes…im new….my username is comet2015kinz

  10. angelfcakes says:

    I missed Tuesday’s (2/24) prize, does anybody have an extra one?

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