Webkinz Tips and Tricks: The Curio Shop!

There are many tips and tricks that players should know that will help them get the most out of Webkinz World, and in this series we’ll reveal them!


The Curio Shop is famous for Arte’s rare items. These are special finds that only appear once each day, and after they appear, you may not be able to buy them again for a very long time!


Only Arte knows when he’ll have a rare item in stock. If you are a special customer, you can ask him what time he’ll have a rare item. But how do you become a special customer?


Here’s how:


  • Visit the Curio Shop every day

  • Buy something from the Curio Shop as often as possible

  • Use the tip jar! The more you tip him, the faster Arte will remember you


Do all of these things every day for a few weeks and you’ll soon be a Curio Shop insider! You’ll know that you’re making progress when Arte starts to greet you differently each time you visit.


Just remember to save up lots of KinzCash– rare items can be quite expensive!


What other areas in Webkinz World would you like to learn about in our tips and tricks segment? Let us know in the comments below!



128 Responses to Webkinz Tips and Tricks: The Curio Shop!

  1. Sasha106 says:

    Love Artie and the Curio Shop, but when will he have a new Rare theme? There hasn’t been one in quite awhile.

  2. socialred says:

    Are deluxe members special customers?

  3. BH1464 says:

    I was wondering why the Webkinz Park doesn’t have a counter to tell you how many pets are in that park while you are in the park. Like the counter in the Club House rooms that changes as pets come and go letting you know how many pets are there at any given time. Would it be possible to add that feature to each park? Thanks

    • ganzworldplayer says:

      GREAT SUGGESTION! I’ve been wanting that myself. Also to be able to ask to be friends in the park without having to play a game with someone.

      • Stealthstorm says:

        Agreed with both of y’all! :D ~SS Clarinet

      • crissy135 says:

        Oh yes- a WONDERFUL idea :) Mike and Gennelle I am so happy other people are asking for the Friend Finder too- now I do not feel so bad about bugging you guys- pretty please we need one SOOOOOOO bad!

        • tntmonton says:

          It would sure be handy to be able to make friends while in the park. And the clubhouse really is no fun now, without chat and without friend finder. How are ppl supposed to complete challenges without having friends? Isn’t that what Webkinz is supposed to be about, friendship and fun?

        • chels101_kitty says:

          I would like one too. There are so many times I want to know whether a friend is in a certain room so I can pop in and say hi. Hard though without a friend finder.

    • DworkinBarimen says:

      An excellent idea.

    • mysterymuffin025 says:

      Yes we really really need to be able to find our friends and be able to add new friends we meet in the park. That way we can have friends to help us with challenges too

    • catladyinpajamas says:

      They had one but they took it out. I find it helpful because the yellow faces turn green if they already are your friend and it is not just someone else with the same name.

  4. Jemandthehologramsforever says:

    I’m a special customer lol btw u can find out the times when a rare item is coming in but going to webkinz insider hope I helped!

    • yellowhedgehog17155 says:

      I look there everyday to see when I can find all the rare items. i’m currently trying to complete the Egyptian, Persian, princess palace, ancient civilization, whimsical wonderland, and medieval themes. I know its a lot to be doing at once, but I already have most of the items for Persian, ancient civilization, princess palace, and whimsical wonderland (except for the eStore items for whimsical wonderland). since there’s only a few items I still need, that just makes them even harder to find. this is the Webkinz insider page that tracks rare items at the Curio Shop: http://www.webkinzinsider.com/curioshop.html ☺☻♥♦♣♠•◘○ cinderheart ♥ lionblaze ☺☻♥♦♣♠•◘○

    • Clau says:

      Thanks for the link! It’s very useful! ;) :D

    • popy380 says:

      me too! i love arte, i visit him almost every day :D i have TONS of “arte’s favorite” items! >~pop~<

  5. Superhappyman says:

    arte says welcome back see if you can find a bargain today

  6. arzi02 says:

    I already done all of this. When ever I visit him, he says “There you are. Always great to see you. My shop is your shop.

    • Melody_Dixon says:

      That’s because you have to be deluxe,like me,and he’ll greet you in different ways.

      • SmoresOfScotland says:

        Actually he says something about you being an ‘extra special customer’ if you’re deluxe. When he says ‘there you are. Always great to see you. My shop is your shop.’ it just means you’ve tipped him a lot. He used to say that to me before I was deluxe, but I haven’t tipped him in a long while, so he probably doesn’t anymore. As you tip him more he gradually becomes more friendly, etc.

      • georgette829 says:

        I get the same greeting as arzi02. I am deluxe and I have done all these things for more than a couple weeks.

      • JaneOfAllTrades says:

        Actually I’m not deluxe(and never have been) and he says that to me every time.

    • lindy456 says:

      You do not have to be deluxe. Click on the sale sign and he will tell you what time the sale is…but only if you have advanced by tipping and purchasing from Arte.

      • Melody_Dixon says:

        Aaa Actually, you have to be deluxe for him to say the following: Aaah,one of my extra special customers. Welcome to the curio shop! Check out my special extra stock,only a available to special customers like you!

  7. leah7bear says:

    i had no idea! i always wondered what the tip box was for!

    • FriendlySnake says:

      Yeah me too! Do you think he will still remember you if you give him a tip of $1? I sure hope so! I love to buy what he has!

    • _emiemiemiemiemi_ says:


    • barnowl says:

      I didn’t realize either what the tip can was for until I became a special costumer. I have so much kinzcash I wish I could tip him more than once a day. The only things I can buy is medicine from Dr. Quack and ice cream from Mr. Moo, speaking about that if there is a tip/trick that tells us the times that he is there I wan’t to know. Another helpful tip/trick to know is when on earth Doug the Dog is in the clubhouse, because no matter how many hours I check to see if he is there (pretty sure it switches on an hourly basis) and he never is anymore.

  8. amiaterry says:


  9. esutherlan101 says:

    That’s interesting!

  10. b67j says:

    KinzStyle Outlet!

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