Webkinz Tips & Tricks: WackyER Zingoz!


In this edition of Webkinz Tips and Tricks, we’ll take a look at some easy ways to get a better score, and possibly even win a trophy playing WackyER Zingoz!



First, here’s a reminder how to play the game:



Things to remember:


  • Where you hit Wacky as he falls in front of Zangoz’s face will determine how high and how far Wacky will go:




    • Eyes = Big, high hit
    • Chin = Medium hit
    • Belly = Short, low hit

  • The rocket pack can be used to give Wacky a boost and make him go further. You will start with 1 rocket pack per level
  • You will get bonus points for having Wacky hit anywhere on the target at the end of a level
  • There is a map of each level at the top of your screen so you can see where you are and what obstacles are coming up next

  • The first time you finish all 10 levels of the game you’ll win this trophy:



Strategy tips:


  • Make sure you always check the level map to see where you are and what obstacles are coming up, so you can decide how big a hit you will need (some obstacles will require a smaller hit)
  • Wacky can grab on to swinging vines to go even further. Make sure to click Wacky when he is at the furthest left of his swing to get to the next vine. Do it on the first or second swing or he will fall off
  • Use your rocket boosts at the top of Wacky’s flight arc (when his body looks completely horizontal) to get the maximum boost distance
  • Time hits near an erupting water spout to launch Wacky higher and further during a hit



Follow these tips and you’ll soon have the knack for how to whack Wacky!


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What’s the highest level you’ve reached playing WackyER Zingoz? Have you won the trophy yet? Do you have any tips and tricks for this game that we forgot? Let us know in the comments below!



87 Responses to Webkinz Tips & Tricks: WackyER Zingoz!

  1. jsticklestad says:

    Does anyone have any tips on hitting the Zingos 600 feet? I’ve been trying & trying so hard win that trophy, but I just can’t get it. 598 was the best hit I got so far. Can anyone from Webkinz help? Anybody somebody please help.

    • playnowpuppy says:

      Well I don’t work at Webkinz but what I suggest is try to use big high hits at all times! But be carfull not to make Wacky go so high that he lands straight down because then Wacky would only get into the hundreds :( I don’t really have much tips but just be patient and keep trying!

  2. rocketpower says:

    ps i am master at level 6

  3. rocketpower says:

    i can not beat level nine i always die i made it there 65 time and never won

  4. sweetcupcake16 says:

    Thanks Ganz!!!! :mrgreen: This was very helpful. I’ve only gotten to level 6, but now I’m going to try to get to level 10!!!

  5. rcairplanes124 says:

    wow thanks!

  6. Goldstar2 says:

    The highest level I’ve gotten to is 8 lol, it’s hard!

  7. likewebkinz4o9 says:

    i’ve made it to level 6 never got past

  8. meeper75 says:

    I got to level 7, but ran out of Whacks. ):

  9. RandomName2014 says:

    If I swing while Wacky is higher than Zangoz’s arm, it’s a complete miss. Anyone else have this happen?

  10. winx123 says:

    Great tips!, now I can try to beat level 7 that i’m having troubles with at the moment, and that’s if I make it past level 6 which i find really difficult!

    • playnowpuppy says:

      Hi winx123 I can give u some tips to beat level 6 and 7 if u like :) Well here are some tips for level 6, make sure u are not doing high, long throws because Wacky will most likely slam into some ice and bounce back :( Instead do small or medium throws because the ice will probaly slide Wacky most of the way :) Also try not to think of it as really hard It’s a lot easyer then u think :) Now for level 7, Level 7 is kinda hard because the obstacles are placed in random areas! Focus on your aiming and if u are throwing Wacky low, medium, or high! In this courss u will be using all those throws :) I sugget to start of with a medium hit and try to get Wacky to hang on to the vine that will help u to get a small boost :) Next do a high hit and try to get Wacky all the way to that platform where the second vine is hanging under u will probally not even use that second vine :) For the next parts u just need pay close attention to where Wacky will go next I’m sure u will find It’s very easy :)

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