Welcome to the New Webkinz!


Webkinz is NEW and IMPROVED!


Check out this video all about the new ways to care for your pet while earning Family Score and prizes!





Want to know MORE about the NEW Webkinz? Check out the archive of “Webkinz X Revealed” Newz stories uncovered by Ella McWoof here.


With so many changes to such a massive game, there are still some issues we are working on. However, on a regular basis we will be fixing these issues until everything works much more smoothly. At the same time, we will be working on some of the long-awaited features that our fans have been asking for!


Want to learn more about known issues with the current release and items? Click here.


What do you think of your NEW Webkinz World? Let us know in the comments below!



If you cannot log in OR if you are logging in and seeing a frozen screen, please follow these steps:


1) Clear your cache (especially in Chrome). Click here to learn how or on your Chrome browser tab, hit Options>History>Clear History>Clear Cache.


2) Check that your Flash Player is up to date.


3) Re-type your password in the login box to light up the Log In button. Saved passwords won’t light it up until you re-type it.


4) Try a new browser.


5) If you’re still experiencing issues, contact Customer Support at webkinzsupport@ganz.com.



***UPDATE July 19, 2015***



For those who have been asking, the next batch of item fixes will be tomorrow (Monday). We’ve also made over a hundred game fixes which we are currently testing and will push Live (along with another batch of item fixes) with our next site update on Wednesday, July 29th. Thank you for your patience during this time.


***UPDATE July 20, 2015***

To get more items in, our next batch of item fixes has been moved to Wednesday, July 22nd.


895 Responses to Welcome to the New Webkinz!

  1. zoeyzoey2013 says:

    When will the party packs be completely fixed??? And I hope soon…

  2. zoeyzoey2013 says:

    Yeah, I don’t care for the update either. It makes playing on my laptop much more difficult. Also, a few days ago my little sister wanted to use one of her party boxes and she was so distraught when she couldn’t put in her own gifts. She didn’t like majority of the default prizes. She doesn’t understand that i cant do anything about it.

  3. chowcat22 says:

    UGHH it’s so annoying whenever I go to the arcade to play a game it NEVER works….. I keep clicking the play game button but nothing happens and it stays on the same page….. and the internet isn’t lagging i know its not my computer because I’ve tried it on an HP laptop and a macbook pro. Is this Happening to anyone else?

  4. Zizzy says:

    I miss the old Webkinz so much. The new one makes pets much more demanding and it’s too hard to do whatever you want without feeling bad because your pets are sad. I also miss the old layout. I think almost everything was a lot better before the update. Is there any way to get the old one back? If not, I think this is the time when I log off forever, along with many others I believe.

  5. webkinzluver321 says:

    But i have A SUGGESTION To make webkinz better if 1 pet gets a full heart so do the others at the exsact same time cause i have 50 pets its to hard to take care of all of them please do my suggestion

  6. webkinzluver321 says:

    Yeah im at 2296 as my “Family Score” Yipeeeee :D cant wait ti’ll 2500

  7. toyotacamry55 says:

    Webkinz was so much better in 2010.

  8. leviandbecky says:

    how do I adopt a pet?

  9. xHxHxAx says:

    New? Yes. Improved? Nope. I really dislike Webkinz X. It makes my laptop lag horribly and is too demanding for me. I have at least 150 pets and I really can’t take care of them this way. Not to mention I’m having trouble finding ANYTHING. There should be an option to use the old layout with the new features.

  10. Saundra1 says:

    Having trouble with items glitching. When I try to put certain items in my room like a book nook it turns to a blue circle that flickers. Still have items missing in every room! Is this something that is being worked on by tech support?

    • Michael Webkinz says:

      Hi Saundra1. We are working on fixing all the broken items. Thank you for your patience with this issue. They will all be fixed soon. Keep checking Webkinz Newz for updates on fixes.

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