Wild Watermelon Shirt: Clothing Recipe Revealed!


There’s nothing sweeter than enjoying a cold slice of Watermelon on a hot summer’s day! Here’s how you can have your pet show off their love of watermelon all summer long!




Just click on the Clothing Machine button in the KinzStyle Outlet and use these 3 clothing items to create your own Wild Watermelon Shirt!





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25 Responses to Wild Watermelon Shirt: Clothing Recipe Revealed!

  1. DragonsLair1976 says:

    Where do I get the clothing items to make this?

  2. zoomycat says:

    I knew this one but this is great for those who don’t. Still working on the Emerald Ski Jacket with no luck!

  3. phreeby says:

    Webkinz, not to be rude, but can you start showing the recipes that HAVEN’T been solved? It would cause a lot of peace in several groups trying to solve them, and this has been solved for four years now.

  4. Elessar says:

    This one’s been solved since April 2013, but it’s so cute I may just have to go and make a couple more, now that you’ve reminded me of it! For all those for whom this is new – Enjoy!!

  5. TopHatCat999 says:

    Did they purposely release this to go along with that watermelon dress trend? It would be cool if they did.

  6. kittenloverz101223 says:

    already knew this one!

  7. bubbashuka says:

    This looks ADORABLE on my daisy pig!!

  8. Ttgbird14 says:

    Love it. It looks so cute!:)

  9. THEFLASH says:

    awesome i really want to know the rocking fringe vest recipe

    • EmilyCuteHeart says:

      Me too, THEFLASH! I already have other clothes that would go perfect with it. I would also like to know the Feather Light Shoes recipe because I saw someone’s pet wearing those shoes in the clubhouse and I asked them if they knew the recipe and said no because they got them in a trade.

    • kittenloverz101223 says:


  10. BittyBit says:

    Ooohhh! I love this shirt – just made 2 the other day! So happy that it is being featured!

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